Geographically Spreaded Servers Group (GSSG) "saint" (eng)

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    (russian ver.); (spanish ver.); (hindi ver.); (portugal ver.); (korean ver.)

    A little prehistory...
    My first NodelevelA in SmartHoldem was deployed in the virtualization environment on my own computer with the characteristics recommended by the (2cpu/2ram/50ssd) system developers. Testing lasted for less than one day and ended up successfully. A positive experience was gained and we made a decision to deploy the Node in the productive mode as part of the VPS service provided by a large data center. It is then when the full-fledged NodelevelA “Saint” appeared in Moscow. It had the following characteristics:
    -(2cpu@2.8Ghz/2ram/20ssd) - temporary stopped.

    After almost a week the “Saint” provides you with the geographically spreaded group of servers located in the data processing centers with the guaranteed availability of no less than 99,9%. Initially, an idea of this expansion came up due to a high value of RTT (RoundTripTime) for the SmartHoldem users located on other continents. For instance, the time period between a ping and receiving an answer in the USA-Russia bond is approximately 200 ms, and in the Brazil-Russia bond it is 300 ms. I was “infected” with this idea by a very talented engineer who is an administrator of the NodelevelA «runode». Having instantly found a common ground and combined our efforts, we created the American server with the NodelevelA “usa_saint” located in Atlanta, Georgia, with the following characteristics:

    • (2cpu@3.5Ghz/2ram/20ssd).

    The next step in the SmartHoldem development was an installation of the first server in the South America with the NodelevelA “brazil_saint” located in São Paulo, Brazil. Its characteristics were the following:

    • (2cpu@2Ghz/2ram/50ssd/) - temporary stopped.

    After a success in Brazil no one could stop us! So, one day later, the Queen of England is having the server with the NodelevelA “uk_saint” on her territory, located directly in the Hampshire County. The characteristics were:

    • (2cpu@2.2Ghz/1.5ram/20ssd/).

    Later in the evening of the same day the King of Sweden has also acquired the server with the NodelevelA “swe_saint” located right in Stockholm. The characteristics were:

    • (2cpu@2.2Ghz/1.5ram/20ssd/).

    Two days later, a Korean peninsula with its highest speed of Internet connection joined our large SmartHoldem network with the NodelevelA server named “kor_saint” located in Seoul, Korea. The characteristics are the following:

    • (2cpu@3,4Ghz/2ram/20ssd/) - temporary stopped.

    Sunny India, the country of wonderful tea and elephants, was not long and gladly installed the “ind_saint” server located in Bangalore, India, with the following characteristics:
    (2cpu@2Ghz/2ram/40ssd/) - temporary stopped.

    Today, on the 31st of December 2017, the last “saint” server will be installed in the country of the sun, the sea and the corrida. The server with the NodelevelA “spain_saint” located right in the city of _, Spain, with the characteristics such as:

    • (2cpu@2.4Ghz/2ram/60ssd/).

    The servers state is continually tracked by the Zabbix monitoring system, it allows to timely detect problems regarding availability of servers or a growing resource deficit before the matter is in fact closed.

    There is a valid special offer from me personally - vote for anysaintnode (saint, runode, usa_saint, brazil_saint, uk_saint, swe_saint, kor_saint, ind_saint, spain_saint) and get the fee back! To confirm your vote for me, send me an ID of your transaction from explorer via private chat and I 'll be glad to cover your expenses! 0_1513807409042_Clip2net_171221010205.jpg
    Your votes are essential to keep the node in the active list.
    Though it`s a bit early to discuss, but the NodelevelA saint policy will proceed from the necessity of decreasing any fees…

    Contact me via private chat if you find mistakes in the translated text!

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