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    alt text — the first poker room on a blockchain
    What is SmartHoldem?

    SmartHoldem — is the world's first poker room on a blockchain. It means that:

    • There is no third party. Players play only with each other. The use of blockchain and decentralized DAPPS applications excludes any outside intervention in the game, and guarantees 100%-transparency of games and privacy. If the players want to check the casino’s integrity, they can compare hashes before and after the game.
    • Instant payments. In SmartHoldem you will receive your winning immediately after your win. There are no restrictions either for incoming or outgoing transactions.
    • Full privacy. In fact, there is nothing to add here. Players do not transmit any personal data to the system.

    How it works?

    The project uses two blockchains: financial and gambling. During the game, these blockchains interact with each other. When betting, the player sends tokens from his financial wallet to Poker Room address, where tokens players (bets) are stored until one of the following events occurs:

    • Game over. Then the bank from the Poker Room goes to the financial blockchain of the winner.
    • Game failed. Tokens are returned to all participants.

    This mechanism is built on the Smart Events algorithm. Before the start of the dealing, Smart Events generates a public control hash, which is recorded on the blockchain. After the game is over, the decryption key is automatically sent to the players. You can check the game’s integrity either inside the system or with the help of any outside service.

    Technologies used

    The SmartHoldem gaming platform is written from scratch in C #, JAVA, C ++. The platform is modified with Smart Events algorithms, new transaction formats and blocks.

    Among the key technical features of the project, we should note:

    • Friendly Multisig. Friendly and advanced multi-signatures with MAST;
    • Adoption of high-duty and highly scalable integrated supernodes;
    • Advanced transaction options. Timelock, Payment with an encrypted message, MultiPay, SuperBlock Tx, Tournament, RegName;
    • Decentralized random number generator with a real entropy SEED; we get real random numbers
      by reading the noises of computer devices;
    • High capacity of game events in observance of their order of priority for real-time processing;
    • Use of NoSQL database, more suitable for high-speed data communication;
    • Built-in deposit service for the exchange of assets on the blockchain - a special transactional event;
    • Transactional metadata − descriptive metadata is used by automated workflows.

    This data is structured and represents the characteristics of the entities described for the purpose of their identification;

    Built-in solution for message sending, including gaming encrypted chat;

    Each account contains assets and statistics from multi-registers in BlockChain; thus the SmartHoldem platform blocks any outside intervention in the game process completely;

    Decentralized DNS —the system access is not subject to restrictions.

    BlockChain Features

    • Total coins − 240 000 000
    • Lack of emission
    • Block generation time ~ up to 5 seconds
    • New 2DLPoS algorithm without emission (eliminated “51% problem” afar attack)
    • Support for internal game assets (Game Chips etc)
    • Encrypted AES256 messages
    • Automated operations/transactions with the built-in SmartEvents language
    • Ed25519 DSA signatures

    Platform Features

    • High-speed BlockChain
    • Gaming API & SDK
    • Built-in ICO for game developers
    • Built-in game servers
    • Betting system
    • Online tournaments
    • Personal game client
    • Light & Full Wallet
    • Support for Unity 3D 5 & Unreal Engine 4 platforms (for integration of game developers)


    It is worth paying tribute − the developers made a detailed project development plan up to the fourth quarter of 2020. Here are some key stages:

    • First two quarters of 2018: testing of the game client, smart events system, etc.
    • The third quarter of 2018. A major cross-platform version of SmartHoldem GameClient (Linux, Win, Mac OS, iOS, Android) on decentralized DNS with the cloud GameNet network. Integration with applications of the gambling segment created by other developers.
      1. Holding a tournament with a self-regulating fund, initial amount − 1.2 million tokens

    The tournament system should be mentioned separately. It will work as follows:

    • In the first tournament round (1 round = 1 year), developers deposit 1 200 000 STH tokens to a special address, publicly viewable, protected by the SmartEvents system and new PoS, unavailable for output operations.
    • In order to participate in the tournament, you need to buy a tournament ticket (for example, in the equivalent of $ 25 in SmartHoldem coins) that opens an access to the games in the tournament. Each bought ticket goes to the tournament fund of the second round, which will be played in the next tournament year.
    • During the tournament, standard tournament rules of Poker-Room are used; game statistics are recorded in the tournament SideChain.
    • The winner receives 80% of the tournament round fund held to his/her SmartHoldem Address from the SmartEvents system automatically; 20% is fairly distributed among the holders of tokens.
    • In a year, the system returns to point (2), and the SmartHoldem annual self-renewing poker tournaments are held indefinitely without the intervention of the organizing person.
    • The fund balance is available in the BlockChain browser at any time.


    Currently, Crowdfunding ICO is being conducted with the participation of independent guarantors of Escrow. Upon completion of the ICO, the working network will be launched within 72 hours. Anyone can become an early participant in the platform and get STH tokens. There are several ways:

    • When participating in Bounty SmartHoldem, you can earn STH tokens by free assisting in the promotion of the project
    • To purchase STH tokens at $0.12 per token.

    ICO will be over on 12/12/2017.

    50% of the collected investments are planned for development, 35% − for marketing and promotion, 5% − for resolution of legal issues and 10% − for operating activities.

    Resources and Useful Information

    Project website:


    Interview with the project developer:

    Attention: Offer

    Now the company is giving away a smart watch Gear S3. In order to take part in the action, you need to subscribe to the Smartholdem channel and leave two comments about the platform. The competition will last until December 11. The winner will be selected randomly on December 12! The integrity of the giveaway will be confirmed by a special hash. For this purpose, the SmartHoldem team created a mini-application for giveaways in Telegram.

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    alt text
    Developers of the SmartHoldem platform continue to fulfill their obligations!

    Now anyone can start their master node of type A. This type of masterpiece allows to become a delegate for which users will vote and who among other 64 people will determine the further development of the platform. In theory, each delegate should tell a little about himself, about his equipment, and also about his plans to support the SmartHoldem platform. For this, a special branch has been created on the forum.
    Last night, an official forum posted a guide for installing the masterware on Ubuntu. Recommended server configuration:

    • 2 Cores
    • 4 Gb RAM
    • 60 Gb SSD
    • Recommended operating system Ubuntu 16.

    Well, as you probably already guessed, I also decided to try myself as a delegate. Here is a link to my delegate topic. It contains all the information you are interested in about me, as a delegate, and also about my master node course.

    Vote for me as a delegate of the SmartHoldem platform and together we can participate in its development!

    Thank you all for your attention and do not forget to subscribe to my blog!
    My GOLOS
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    SmartHoldem. Wallet

    alt text

    SmartHoldem work network platform has eventually been launched!

    This remarkable event occurred on the night of December, 14-15.

    I would like to congratulate the whole team, all investors and participants of SmartHoldem Bounty Campaign with this outstanding event!

    There is still a lot of work to be done but the key step has been made! I think it is appropriate to quote as saying American astronaut Neil Armstrong when setting foot on the moon “That is one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind”. Somebody can say that it sounds pretentious but in my opinion the future of gaming industry follows this project …. Time will tell which of us is right 🙂

    The wallet assemblies have been posted for Win32, Win64 and MaOS on GitHub platform. It allows you to connect to both the work network and test network.

    alt text

    The wallet for the ordinary users does not require the BlockChain to be downloaded. That is you can work with SmartHoldem BlockChain almost immediately after its installation by creating the account and importing the key from your previously created account into the wallet.
    In the nearer future, developers will lay out the source code of masternodes and as well as a script for its rapid deployment on the server. More detailed information on masternodes will also be available the other day.

    I offer to visit the official site of SmartHoldem to those who have not done it yet 🙂 Try to play the presented prototypes and see the workflow plan of the project.
    In the nearer future, the official forum of the project will be resumed. But you can register and read the information on it even now.
    That is all for the present 🙂

    Thank you all for your attention and do not forget to subscribe to my blog! I will be grateful for the repost!

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    How to create a new wallet on SmartHoldem platform

    In order to create a new wallet on SmartHoldem platform you have to complete a serious of simple steps.

    1. Firstly, you have to download the latest version of the wallet from (a clickable link) and start the client.

    2. Access the website of Smartholdem platform.
      alt text

    3. Click on “Obtain tokens”.

    4. Go to “Wallet Data”.

    alt text
    5. See the following picture. Copy a Private Key.

    alt text
    6. Go to the client. Click on “Settings” and “Import an account”.

    alt text

    1. Insert the copied Private Key.

    alt text

    The account (address) with coins of course if you have them should be displayed in the client

    How to create a new account

    Every new user has to create a new account (which can be updated with a seed phrase).
    This can be done by two ways, through the “Registration” or “Import an account”.

    alt text
    Click on “Settings” and “Registration”.

    The seed phrase should be remembered or copied in a safe place.

    alt text

    Next, you should being checked that you actually recorded the phrase.

    alt text

    That is all, the new wallet is created.

    alt text
    You also can “Import an account” with a selectable phrase that is easy for you to remember (it has to be COMPLICATED).

    alt text

    Here is a link to the post of my good acquaintance Philipp Grebenshchikov who has issued a guide to install a wallet

    Thank you all for your attention and do not forget to subscribe to my blog! I will be grateful for the repost!

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    Good day to all!

    Today I have a great news for all participants of the SmartHoldem project!

    To begin with, since the very launch of the SmartHoldem platform, there have been constant questions in the official Telegraph chat about downloading a purse, transferring coins, and so on. Some people were very short of a purse for mobile operating systems (iOS, Android). Someone really needed a transaction, and there was no computer at hand, we had to postpone the deal.

    Today SmartHoldem platform has entered a new stage of its development! The development team without sleep and rest is working on improving the interaction of ordinary participants with the blockbuster platform SmartHoldem!

    I present to you the online version of the SmartHoldem wallet! Now you will have access to your tokens from anywhere in the world and from any device that has an Internet connection, regardless of the operating system installed on it!

    You can use the online wallet SmartHoldem by clicking on the link. The interface of the site is intuitive and simple for any user level.

    You can not worry about security, since the cash flow generated while creating a wallet is not saved on the site, it will be known only to you. That's why I advise you to write it down and not show it to anyone. You should understand that if you lose or steal the passphrase, you will lose your coins.

    At this perhaps round up. Once again I want to congratulate all the participants of SmartHoldem with this wonderful news!

    Thank you all for your attention and do not forget to subscribe to my blog!

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