Bingo Smart Game

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    Play Bingo Smart Every Sunday!

    Bingo Smart takes place in the telegram Smartholdem platform

    Join and Win!

    History Games Bingo Smart
    Bingo Smart has been held since May 2018.
    💸Rules: guess a BTC or CNY or BTS course.
    *Every week we play in a new pair!
    🏦Prize 1000 $STH.
    $STH is the core asset of XBTS DEX.
    You can use $STH to pay commissions, play games and trade on XBTS exchange.

    At 20:00, the start of betting, at 21:00 bets are no longer accepted.
    Predict on 22:00 GMT.
    Prize 1000 $STH.
    We are checking on XBTS Dex Exchange.
    Let's go!)

    The winner is one!

    Who is the most lucky trader today?

    Who wants to increase the amount of the bank?
    Escrow wallet address for bets.

    Spring Bingo!

    Games Schedule:

    🌟💸🚀Today at 20.00 Moscow time (GMT) the Bingo Smart game will begin.
    👌Win 1000 STH.
    🎰Join and Win!
    👑 Winner - Tomik

    at 18.30
    👌Win 1000 STH.
    👑 Winner - imyasestraimya

    at 20.00

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