LucreToken is live on XBTS DEX Exchange!

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    LucreToken is live on XBTS DEX Exchange!
    Trading pairs: LCRT/ BTC , LCRT/ BTS , LCRT/ETH, LCRT/CNY, LCRT/USD and other pairs are Available!
    Welcome to XBTS and Bitshares!

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    ❗️Announcement for all holders of LСR❗
    ❗️LСR is !!! not traded !!! on XBTS Dex exchange❗

    ✅XBTS Dex exchange is available for token LСRT.
    Ethereum contract address: 0xbfd4c175606ab6e8d1e32d029d8c010a9bf4bd36
    and other pairs are Available!✅

    ❗️If you sent an incorrect token LСR - this is your problem❗
    LСR Tokens will not be returned❗️ because deposit is available for ✅LCRT✅

    Please double-check token name !!! LCRT - is correct!!! before making a transfer.

    ✅[Forwarded from Aksana Papovich | LUCRE]
    All LCR holders will have to wait for the LCRT token redistribution. Information regarding the redistribution will be communicated on the LUCRE social channels when we are ready.

    ✅[Forwarded from Aksana Papovich | LUCRE]
    Also if you already sent the LCR token to the XBTS exchange and lost it you don't need to worry about it. We already have a snapshot of LCR token holders and will be redistributing the tokens to the original addresses regardless if they still hold it there or not.

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