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    Decentralization of real events!
    😎Take part in the №1 ANTIBOUNTY campaign in the Cryptoworld!
    ANTIBOUNTY transforms the cryptocurrency industry and brings clarity and fairness to all the participants!
    Official information about ANTIBOUNTY Bounty campaign

    We are happy to announce the official information about ANTIBOUNTY!
    ANTIBOUNTY is a brand new bounty campaign format.
    ANTIBOUNTY has no restrictions.
    Anyone can participate in the campaign.
    The rules are very simple, and the budget is unlimited.
    It all depends only on you and the number of completed quests!
    Payments every 14 days!
    Several famous crypto-projects will participate in the ANTIBOUNTY!
    Many interesting things await!!!
    XBTS exchange guarantee of payments.

    Official site of the XBTS DEX exchange
    ANN XBTS (ENG) BitcoinTalk
    ANN XBTS Dex Exchange Telegram group
    Assignments will be published in the ANN ANTIBOUNTY (ENG) BitcoinTalk branch[/size]

    🚀We announce:

    Smartholdem decentralized gaming platform presents the most popular game worldwide: Heads or Tails, based on DPOS blockchain.
    Information about every side of coin is encrypted and secured in the SmartHoldem blockchain.
    The game is played strictly between the players.
    Only the players can create games and perform gaming activities right in the Smartholdem blockchain.
    Heads or Tails is a multiplayer game, based on the DPOS blockchain with instant payments, built-in wallet and exchange platform for popular cryptocurrencies.
    Statistics of your games and a chat are also available.

    Download Heads or Tails

    How to participate in the ANTIBOUNTY campaign:

    Mandatory terms of participation:
    Fill the form

    Subscribe to the official Twitter SmartHoldem and XBTS DEX

    Register an account at or install a Smartholdem wallet

    • This account is necessary to receive the pay-outs every 14 days.

    The distribution of the ANTIBOUNTY bounty campaign tokens:


    Signature and avatar campaign ANTIBOUNTY

    Signature or Avatar per week:
    Junior Member 25 STH
    Member 50 STH
    Full member 75 STH
    Sr member 150 STH
    Hero member 350 STH
    Legendary - 500 STH
    The simultaneous use of multiple signatures is prohibited.



    Bounty Campaign for Blogging, Video Reviews, and Media

    Article (not copyright) in English language min 5,000 characters 10,000 STH
    Article in Russian min 5000 characters 10 000 STH
    Article in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian 15,000 STH

    Video review in Russian 10 000 STH
    Video review in English. (or subtitles) 10,000 STH
    Video review in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian 15,000 STH
    Minimum video length from 3 minutes
    Number of subscribers 500+

    Twitter Required number of friends or following you 100+
    Like News 1 STH
    Repost News 2 STH

    Required number of friends or following you 100+
    Like news 1 coin
    Repost news 2 coin

    Join Group 15 STH
    Join telegram groups and

    Telegram avatar 1 week 25 STH
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    We announce:
    A gaming application that works with four blockchains at the same time!
    A unique affiliate offer. This is more than a game.
    100% automated system in which only players.