Which In Spanish Translates As Search Engine Marketing

  • We need to increase your confidence in us and in our product. Why don't we offer you some testimonials, even a test of your product bofu (bottom of the funnel): the lower part of the funnel. In this phase, the potential client knows us, is aware of his problem or need and is willing to buy. Our goal is to show you that we are the best option. You should keep in mind that we not only compete against our competitors, we also compete against inaction. inaction is equal to or more dangerous than the gluttonous eyes of your competition.

    Above all we will have to offer educational information on how to solve it. In this way, we will be able to find our potential clients. We can also talk about an attraction phase. That is, our objective in this Latest Mailing Database phase should be to attract all those people who are at the top of the funnel (tofu). At this stage they are not yet aware that they have a problem or need that we do not, nor of course, that we can solve their problem. For this reason, it will be the phase in which we have to make ourselves known, to be discovered and, in turn, to achieve that necessary attraction, to prepare the ground for a future sale. Phase of interest or acquisition acquisition - marketing funnels: what they are, stages, phases and 6 types they have discovered us and we have to be able to attract them, but now comes the phase in which we need to attract them.


    In this phase, if we have done well in the previous phase, we can assume that they have a problem that we can solve for them. Now we need to offer them something so that they are willing to provide us with a way to contact us. We need your email, your phone number, your address, etc. Any form of contact is worth us. Although depending on your type of business, one or the other will serve you better. We can use different recruitment strategies such as a lead magnet , a webinar…. Working very well the subscription forms of your website, the hated popups , etc. In the end it is about thanks to that interest of our audience, to increase our list of subscribers or leads. Cultivation or consideration phase consideration - marketing funnels: what they are, stages, phases and 6 types we have already passed the stage of being known, we have managed to attract their attention, but this does not mean that we are going to be the chosen option.

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