Good day to all! Today I have a great news for all participants of the SmartHoldem project! To begin with, since the very launch of the SmartHoldem platform, there have been constant questions in the official Telegraph chat about downloading a purse, transferring coins, and so on. Some people were very short of a purse for mobile operating systems (iOS, Android). Someone really needed a transaction, and there was no computer at hand, we had to postpone the deal. Today SmartHoldem platform has entered a new stage of its development! The development team without sleep and rest is working on improving the interaction of ordinary participants with the blockbuster platform SmartHoldem! I present to you the online version of the SmartHoldem wallet! Now you will have access to your tokens from anywhere in the world and from any device that has an Internet connection, regardless of the operating system installed on it! You can use the online wallet SmartHoldem by clicking on the link. The interface of the site is intuitive and simple for any user level. You can not worry about security, since the cash flow generated while creating a wallet is not saved on the site, it will be known only to you. That's why I advise you to write it down and not show it to anyone. You should understand that if you lose or steal the passphrase, you will lose your coins. At this perhaps round up. Once again I want to congratulate all the participants of SmartHoldem with this wonderful news! Thank you all for your attention and do not forget to subscribe to my blog!