Game "Heads or Tails"

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    “Heads or Tails” is a multiplayer game, based on the DPOS blockchain with instant payments, built-in wallet and exchange platform for popular cryptocurrencies.

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    DOWNLOAD Heads or Tails

    The game of “Heads or Tails” is still insanely popular worldwide.
    The history of many peoples carefully keeps the rules of the “Heads or tails” game. It was called differently from one country to another. The name of the game often depended on what was depicted on the coin.
    One could find players on loud Eastern bazaars, under the moonlight of the Great Silk Road or on Her Majesty’s ship, fell calm somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea.

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    And now, the most popular game of “Heads or tails” is on the blockchain.
    The information about every side of the coin is encrypted and saved in the blockchain. The game is played strictly between the players.
    You can transfer or send cryptocurrency to your address or to the exchange market using your profile. The statistics of your games and a chat are also available.

    You can start a new game with your own stake or choose an existing one by choosing one “Heads” or “Tails” side of the coin.

    In your personal account, you can transfer or send cryptocurrency to your address or exchange.
    The game "Heads or Tails" has a built-in automated exchange of popular cryptocurrencies integrated through the decentralized exchange XBTS on the Bitshares blockchain.


    The rules

    “Heads or tails” is a simple game, involving two players and a coin.

    The coin has two sides – “Heads” and “Tails”.
    There are two methods to play the game:

    • 1st method: You need to guess the side. The first player chooses a game and tries to guess the side of the coin. If you choose the correct side, you win and double your stake! You can always send your winnings to your wallet immediately;

    • 2nd method: You chose the side of the coin and create a game, and the other player tries to guess the side. If the other player fails to guess the side, that you have previously chosen, you win and double your stake!


    An affiliate program is built into the game that allows you to play and earn at each player through the distribution of your referral link. Share your address in the game with your friends !Your address in the game is your affiliate code! and get 1% of your friends ’winnings, and your friends will get 1% more for your winnings!


    • The games are saved at SmartHoldem blockchain;
    • The stakes are stored in a SHA-384 & RIPEMD-160 hashed format;
    • You can check the validity of game data via service. To do this, you must convert the provided SALT of a finished game into SHA384, and then compose a line, consisting of the stake 0-head / 1-tail + received SHA384 hash, get the RIPEMD-160 hash from the composed line and it should be equal to the hash in the note to the transaction of the player who created the game, starting from the 2nd byte;
    • You can check your completed and winning transactions at any time in the SmartHoldem block explorer
    • The payments will be made automatically after each game;
    • You can view detailed statistics on your games in “My statistics” section;
    • All games occur only between players!


    IMPORTANT: by participating in the game of “Heads or tails”, you agree to all possible risks of the game process and confirm that you are 21 or more years old!

  • Game account balance

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    In game, it will be nice to see button or something to make possible hide or show balance.