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    SmartHoldem is the world's first true desentralized poker room on a blockchain.

    There is no third party. Players play only with each other.
    The use of blockchain and decentralized DAPPS applications excludes any outside intervention in the game, and guarantees 100%-transparency of games and privacy.
    If the players want to check the casino’s integrity, they can compare hashes before and after the game.
    Instant payments.
    In SmartHoldem you will receive your winning immediately after your win.
    There are no restrictions either for incoming or outgoing transactions.
    Full privacy.
    Players do not transmit any personal data to the system.

    How it works?
    The project uses two blockchains: financial and gambling.
    During the game, these blockchains interact with each other.
    When betting, the player sends tokens from his financial wallet to Poker Room address, where tokens players (bets) are stored until one of the following events occurs:
    Game over. Then the bank from the Poker Room goes to the financial blockchain of the winner.
    Game failed. Tokens are returned to all participants.
    This mechanism is built on the Smart Events algorithm. Before the start of the dealing, Smart Events generates a public control hash, which is recorded on the blockchain. After the game is over, the decryption key is automatically sent to the players. You can check the game’s integrity either inside the system or with the help of any outside service.

    BlockChain Features:
    Coins issued at the beginning: 240,000,000
    New 2DLPoS algorithm : Delegate
    Sign the blocks: 64 delegates
    Emission limitation: 246,000,000
    Block generation time ~ up to 5 seconds
    Support for internal game assets (Game Chips etc)
    Encrypted AES256 messages
    Automated operations/transactions with the built-in SmartEvents language
    Ed25519 DSA signatures

    Platform Features:
    High-speed BlockChain
    Gaming API & SDK
    Built-in ICO for game developers
    Built-in game servers
    Betting system
    Online tournaments
    Personal game client
    Light & Full Wallet
    Support for Unity 3D 5 & Unreal Engine 4 platforms (for integration of game developers)
    Detailed road map up to the fourth quarter of 2020.
    First two quarters of 2018: testing of the game client, smart events system, etc.
    The third quarter of 2018: a major cross-platform version of SmartHoldem GameClient (Linux, Win, Mac OS, iOS, Android) on decentralized DNS with the cloud GameNet network. Integration with applications of the gambling segment created by other developers.
    Holding a tournament with a self-regulating fund, initial amount − 1.2 million tokens

    The tournament system should be mentioned separately.
    It will work as follows:
    In the first tournament round (1 round = 1 year), developers deposit 1 200 000 SmartHoldem coins to a special address, publicly viewable, protected by the SmartEvents system and new PoS, unavailable for output operations.
    In order to participate in the tournament, you need to buy a tournament ticket (for example, in the equivalent of $ 25 in SmartHoldem coins) that opens an access to the games in the tournament.
    Each bought ticket goes to the tournament fund of the second round, which will be played in the next tournament year.
    During the tournament, standard tournament rules of Poker-Room are used; game statistics are recorded in the tournament SideChain.
    The winner receives 80% of the tournament

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    SmartHoldem is a global decentralized gaming platform with a set of protocols to ensure gaming integrity and maintain anonymity of information, where all the net members do not need to trust each other or anyone. The platform is protected by a reliable distributed register with the advanced modified encryption technologies.

    We intentionally created blockchain from the ground up to be develop a stable progressive BlockChain, thus eliminating the problems of Bitcoin and later systems and providing innovative additional native functions. At this moment no one public blockchain provides such technologies.

    All process are implemented and regulated by the unique technology of the P2P nodes, public BlockChain, GameNet, deterministic SmartEvents algorithm and more advanced 2nd Delegate L Proof-of-Stake. Tickets for a tournament game, the random number generation, payment of prize money, affiliate programme, SuperNodes bonus as well as charge on the distributed network are carried out with the SmartEvents algorithm, without human intervention.

    A new technology protocol, developed in the SmartHoldem Platform, SmartEvents is a heart of the system, guarantor, gaming arbiter and the betting bank. SmartEvents provides some other innovative functions related to events. Within the SmartEvents protocol, programming language is used, supporting the Turing construction with the functions required for the automated events performance.


    2nd Delegate L Proof-of-Stake of SmartHoldem Platform in itself technically consists of two kinds of nodes:

    Level A delegates – SmartHoldem participants, supporting the servers function, provide network functions and develop new blocks with transactions. It is necessary to install and set up special server. The number of the first level delegates at the start is limited to 64 persons. Any participant can become a delegate if he or she can win a sufficient number of votes. If a delegate does not do his job – stopped signing blocks, a new delegate being beyond a list of 64 participants, can take his place, in other words, delegates, waiting for own turn, maybe more and more. In effect, a network is supported by the qualitative servers, consisted of the delegates. Pure democracy model is run here.

    Level B delegates – the special SmartHoldem nodes, responsible for distribution prize fund of the gameplays, obtained in poker game, for example. A winner can pick his money by deducting small rake percent. These commission fees are used to reward «mainers» for their supporting network. In order to become a level B delegate it is necessary to set up complete node, rather than a level A delegate, it is enough to have accessible in online mode computer, Raspberry PI also will serve, and there is need of minimal balance from 10. 000 and even more SmartHoldem coins. The more the second level being in operation, the better network stability is and less stock money on change. We do not forget about small token holders, for example, user who has 2. 000 coins on his own balance, can take the part in prize fund distribution from the gameplays, leased out his/her balance to the complete level B node.