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    Bitshares Weekly Report for September 2nd, 2022
    Sponsored by Bitshares Fractal Team



    The XBTS team this week is working on completion of the TRON gateway. Expanding the possibilities of cross chain bridges. Once the gateway is complete the XBTS team will start adding popular coins to the gateway for cross-chain transfers to the TRON network.


    There are also plans to list the Gods Unchained token https://godsunchained.com/token/about to XBTS DEX. Made in partnership with Gods Unchained Corporation, $GODS is the native ERC-20 token of the Gods Unchained universe. Mortals can use $GODS to craft NFTs, purchase packs from the Gods Unchained marketplace and earn even more rewards by holding the tokens in Immutable X. $GODS tokens also represent voting power, enabling players to participate in governance proposals that influence the game’s destiny.
    Bitshares continues to benefit from the STH and XBTS teams developing innovative blockchain solutions in the GameFi space as well as acting as a DEX Hub supporting cross-chain capabilities empowering other GameFI projects!



    We also have received word and leaked photos from REDACTED that Aliens from what appears to either be from Planet X (more on this later) or Washington D.C. (hard to tell) have been secretly beta testing the very soon to be released Smartholdem Poker game!



    Nfteagallery continues to make progress working on the Bitshares NFT front, nearing release of user friendly tools/apps including NFT viewer, NFT issuance dApp and compatibility with Beet. Learn more about Beet here https://www.opensourceagenda.com/projects/bitshares-beet

    BEOS team is working hard behind the scenes and currently in hot pursuit of 2 to 100 million in funding. Here is a sneak peek of what the crew has been up to! These projects and partnerships are being actively worked on and releases are intertwined with Dan Larimer's Fractally project release and will bring value to Bitshares as the code and governance is meshed by design!

    Karat Swap https://www.karatswap.com/join-now
    Hello Vacay https://hellovacay.com/
    Planet X Metaverse https://moviemetaverse.io
    Sovereign Sky https://sovereignsky.com/
    Tangi https://gettangi.com/
    Fractally in Orbit Team https://hive.blog/fractally/@highsteam1900/fractally-in-orbit-team
    Bitshares Fractal Team
    The Bitshares Fractal Team seeks to facilitate the onboarding of all Fractal community tokens onto the XBTS DEX, through our unique governance process and we have agreements with the leading fractal tokens to accomplish this task.
    This week the Bitshares Fractal Team unveiled this NFT generated on EOS soon to be on Bitshares and to be minted for Bitshares fractal contributors. This NFT is now available on EOS Network. https://eos.atomichub.io/explorer/template/ncdacgoodies/7194
    You can get one for free by attending Bitshares Fractal Meetings.

    image (2).png

    The Bitshares Fractal Team has also set up a Bitshares Group on Gab to help tap into and penterate new ecosystems !

    Screen Shot 2022-09-02 at 1.06.51 PM.png


    The Bitshares Fractal Team holds team meetings on Tuesdays at 11am EST , all are welcome, and come join our Telegram for up to the minute developments

    The Decentralized Force is strong within Bitshares!

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