BTSDAO DEFI AIRDROP Start earning $DEFI rewards now! ️Join BTS/XBTSX.STH pool 1.19.181 40 000 DEFI EVERY DAY for BTS/XBTSX.STH pool!!! 🤩Add liquidity to the pool to earn DEFI governance tokens! BTSDAO strategic partnerships level playing field for DEFI airdrops collection with DeFi AMMob pools on BitShares blockchain. BTSDAO is the first DeFi governance system built on the BitShares blockchain. BTSDAO is a decentralized autonomous liquidity mining community created by the Chinese community. How the DEFI Airdrop is distributed: Every day, at a random time, a snapshot of liquidity providers' LP balances is taken. The number of DEFI giveaways for each liquidity provider will be calculated based on the share of LP and passed from btsdao.escrow to the liquidity provider daily.