SmartHoldem Testnet Stress Test. Performance evaluation of blockchain

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    Dear SmartHoldem Community,

    We are thrilled to announce the highly anticipated debut of SmartHoldem Testnet, which will take place on July 31, 2023, at 18:00 UTC. The primary objective of this event is to conduct a comprehensive stress test on our network by evaluating the block speed, transaction rate, and operations per second under various simulations and fluctuating conditions.

    During this process, we will diligently analyze the Testnet network's response to varying hash rates and generate transaction loads. By emulating an organic, real-world network demand, we aim to create an environment that fosters rigorous evaluation.

    Our goal is to evaluate the network's capabilities by testing it with increasing transaction loads of 1000 transactions per block, to check the protection of the network from various spam attacks, and to measure the number of operations per second/hour/day.

    We invite all community members to take an active part in the network stress test. Together we strive for a blockchain payment processing record.

    How to participate
    You do not need any specialized software/hardware to participate in the stress test.

    Each stress test participant will be given 10,000 test coins.
    Please use up all test coins!:)

    • When the test coins are used up, you can get a new address and continue to send transactions.

    The stress test is as close to natural conditions as possible and will provide information on the number of operations processed by the network per second/hour/day with the number of 2000 transactions per block.


    This stress test is of paramount importance to our network's growth and resilience. It is an opportunity to test the stability of a potential mainnet hard fork and demonstrate the exceptional scalability and efficiency of the blockchain.

    • The test network has 23 nodes. 21 nodes work as blockchain validators. Block speed - 6-8 seconds. The blockchain fee changes dynamically depending on the network load and cannot be more than 1 STH.
      Technical specification for Testnet node: 8GB RAM, CPU 2, 24GB HDD.

    If the results of the testnet work are favorable, a decision will be made to implement a hard fork of the main SmartHoldem network.

    Tip: A single transaction can include multiple payments, this process is called batching and is a more efficient way to send funds to multiple recipients. For this reason, while the SmartHoldem network is composed of blocks of transactions, looking at the number of payments is the best indicator of overall network activity. Payments are accounted for only once their transactions are included in a block.

    Testnet is a testing environment. As such, it may experience instability and short-term downtime due to the experimentation processes. Nothing to worry about, and we are well-prepared to deal with any issues that may arise.

    We sincerely appreciate your support!

    SmartHoldem Team