SmartHoldem Testnet set New Record! Evaluation of performance and scalability.

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    SmartHoldem testnet set New Record! Evaluation of performance and scalability.

    On July 31 at 18:00 UTC, the SmartHoldem test net stress test took place.
    101 people took part in the stress test.
    Thanks to all participants!

    SmartHoldem Testnet has reached a new milestone: 5 529 600 000 operations per day!

    The stress test was as close to real conditions as possible. The purpose of this test was to evaluate the capabilities of the blockchain with an increase in transaction load, to check the security of the network from various spam attacks, and to count the number of transactions in the blockchain per second/hour/day.

    Together we achieved record-breaking results, reflecting hard work, commitment, and determination demonstrated by the SmartHoldem community.

    This stress test is of great importance for the development of the network. He helped test the stability of a potential SmartHoldem mainnet hard fork and demonstrate the exceptional scalability and efficiency of the SmartHoldem blockchain.

    During the stress test, a record was set for processing transactions in the blockchain - 1,000,000 transactions in 30 minutes!
    You can watch the network test live broadcast recording at

    Test network

    The test network has 23 nodes. 21 nodes are blockchain validators. Block time 8 seconds. The network fees changes dynamically depending on the load and cannot exceed 1 STH.
    The technical specification for the Testnet node at the moment is 8GB RAM, CPU 2, and 24GB HDD.

    One transaction can include multiple payments (transactions L2), this process is called bundling and is a more efficient way to send funds to multiple recipients. For this reason, while the SmartHoldem network is composed of blocks of transactions, looking at the number of payments (transactions L2) is the best indicator of overall network activity. Payments are only counted after their transactions are included in a block.

    We analyzed different hash rates depending on the transaction load. Below are performance and scalability calculations for the SmartHoldem blockchain


    Each stress test participant was given 10,000 test coins. When the balance of coins was used up, it was possible to receive additional coins and continue participation.
    No additional specialized software/hardware was required to participate in the stress test.


    SmartHoldem developers have created SmartHoldem Testnet UI , which connects the user to the test net.
    It has the following functionality:

    • getting an address on the testnet
    • creating and sending transactions
    • multipayments
    • network and user statistics
    • block explorer
    • getting a new address
    • number of stress test participants
    • network uptime in stress test mode
    • a new random recipient address is generated for each transaction

    SmartHoldem testnet is still running, so if you didn't have time to take part in the test, you can do it now!