Results 25/02/2018

  • Team

    Mainnet 740260

    The library Unity 3D net 4.7 (experimental version) is completed, development for Net 3.5 (stable version) is underway (currently available for integration in dll format for Unity 3D 5)

    Rewrote the library for interaction with blockchain SmartHoldem The mainnet branch is now the main

    Added additional types of asynchronous transactions

    A new type of transaction interaction with the sidechain (for example, DAPPs social network within the project SmartNet, bitcoin net, etc.)

    Created 221 automated tests in smartholdem-js

    Currently, the new library is tested in testnet, after the testing is announced, it will be announced in the update of the mainnet. added builds for a regular browser to use the library on regular web sites

    The SmartHoldem-RPC library (bitcoin daemon analog) is finalized and passes testing in testnet, upon completion of testing it will be sent to the appropriate centralized exchanges.

    The API has been updated, it's easier to send transactions to the network without using SmartHoldem-RPC.

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