SmartHoldem Wallet 1.0.0 Available

  • Team

    Work on the official SmartHoldem Wallet continues. With each release, the functionality of the wallet is getting better and more usability for users. In this update SmartHoldem Wallet added +10 000 new lines of code.

    New version of SmartHoldem Wallet 1.0.0 available

    • Added languages: Arabic, Korean, Serbian, Chinese (Taiwan), Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil).

    • Option - bind a purse to the trusted node ip.

    • Sending payment function with a message.

    • The experimental function of multi payments from a csv-file, up to 20 (the idea is taken from the old service webmoney - experimentally).

    • Customizable design of the user interface.

    • Management of networks and sidechains (experimentally, in progress).

    • Exporting Address Transactions to a File.

    • Updated version of electron to 1.8.4.

    • Updating the engine framework.

    • Fixed qr-code recognition (ntegration with uri apps is being developed SHIP-001).

    • The voting system is simplified (now it looks more convenient).

    • The function of recording into blockchain the second secret phrase to the address is added (use with caution, since after activation it is necessary to know 2 phrases).

    • The field for displaying a note in the table has been added to the transaction list.

    • The main Internet resources of the ecosystem have been added to the help menu.

    • Corrected shutdown screenshots work.

    • Improved application setup for windows (now a normal installer with a choice of installation path).

    • Update MacOs Installer.

    • Update Linux Installer.

    • More than minor 96 fixes.

    Additional functionality and decentralized applications are planned in the next versions.


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