Results 28/04/2018

  • Team

    ** Block ** 1401917

    • ** Developers ** created distribution of test (DEV) coins required in testing API SmartHoldem without the costs of these coins.

    • ** Explorer ** of test network blocks DEV Explorer

    • ** Delegates ** - improved security of node A. You can generate a second passphrase to your address, but use the first password on the server, which guarantees complete security in case of compromising the first phrase. After activation All further outgoing operations of the address must be carried out using two phrases. Tested in DevNet. Commission to include the second phrase ** 5 ** STH.
      ** Remember! If you lose your passphrase, you will not be able to access your assets! **

    • Updated ** SmartHoldem API ** Wrapper when working with transactions, network type identification, random node selection.

    • Updated ** JS API ** on mainnet & desktop wallet, fixes in address validation and network types (sidechains)

    • Updated scripts faucet

    • Added local versions of Windows a generator of "paper" wallets, works without connection to the network.

    • Updated BlockExplorer. Transfers, support for alternative networks, blockchains, added functionality for schedules and monitoring of future STH & Linked token exchange rates.

    • Updated documentation API SmartHoldem for API Wrapper and usage examples

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