Update FullNode-A v0.1.2

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    Updates to Node-A

    • ** The secret key is in a separate file ** ** secret.json ** (for compatibility, the old version with the file ** config.smartholdem.json ** also works). If you save * the * secret passphrase of the delegate address in secret.json, you do not need to re-specify it during updates.

    • ** Added fast sync blocking with script **

    sh firststart.sh

    testing was conducted on a known weak VPS server with the parameters 2x2.2GHz, 1GB RAM, 20GB HDD. The time for full synchronization of the SmartHoldem block system from scratch takes no more than 2 minutes.

    • Updated some libraries associated with better security and stability.

    ** For the guaranteed upgrade of Node-A ** to the latest version, use the following commands:

    ***!Attention! Most likely the secret phrase from the file config.smartholdem.json >> secret ["your phrase"] will be deleted, do not forget to write it down. ***

    cd smartholdem-node-a
    forever stop app.js

    here will be asked to overwrite some files, write ** y <ENTER> **

    git checkout -p
    git pull

    The result is about the following:

    Updating modules

    npm install

    If you have not updated for a long time, the secret phrase will be deleted, you need to specify it again, it is recommended to specify in the file secret.json

    nano secret.json


      "secret": ["here is your secret phrase"]

    CTRL + o, CTRL + x

    sh update.sh

    When all operations are complete, you will see the log of the work of your updated node.

    P.S. Also in * Node-A SmartHoldem * the ** exceptions ** work successfully ** is one of the future functions of the EOS coin, which has just been announced at the moment.

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