Geography SmartHoldem Nodes. Real Time

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    On the official site of the platform a new section has been added

    • a detailed geographic map of the working of SmartHoldem MasterNodes and the backup Nodes.


    The map, in real time, displays the number of MasterNodes and their location.
    At the moment 108 MasterNodes is found.
    The number of MasterNodes is growing all the time, providing even greater decentralization of the network.

    The nodes that occupy the first 64 lines of the rating are the current delegates who sign the transactions.
    The remaining nodes are in the standby mode, and are ready at any time to replace the delegate who left the Top 64 rating.

    On the Delegate Monitor page , you can see how the process of creating the blocks occurs.

    Any user can become a valid SmartHoldem delegate.
    The delegate rank depends on many parameters. For more information on how to become a delegate, read

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