Network segments and the SmartHoldem platform development

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    Network segments and the SmartHoldem platform development 2019

    SmartHoldem is a decentralized platform focused on friendly interaction with blockchain projects. But it’s not a random choice of method. The cryptocurrency market needs a convenient bridge that natively connects users with applications, games and services.

    As we said in WhitePaper
    ! Guided by the interests of investors and players, the SmartHoldem team reserves the right to use even more advanced technologies in the event of their development. The mission of the SmartHoldem team is perfect technological solutions, usability and flawless code.

    SmartHoldem - is a unique Blockchain, as it is the first blockchain that is technically compatible with various platforms. Building-block system opens up new opportunities for the widest circle of developers in the implementation of their ideas and becomes a full-fledged gaming platform.
    We support the development of a database repository made by the developers of Lisk Postgres and Level DB

    The priority direction is full integration with the well-known delegative platforms such as Lisk, Bitshares, Waves and others. Thus, SmartHoldem acquires additional properties.

    The team continues to work hard to create games, new modules and support existing ones, investing all available resources in the development of the platform.
    Although the Sidechain technology was invented long ago and we do not consider it the only candidate, sidechains are one of the well-known tools of interaction in the ecosystem.

    A fund has been set up for new developers who will enter the SmartHoldem ecosystem.

    Network-A intentionally uses the delegative model, providing technical compatibility with other known systems and technologies for high-speed transaction processing at the present time, in the case of the emergence of better technologies, they will also be involved in the platform.

    The second segment of the SmartHoldem Node network of level B is integrated, which interacts both with its own data structure providing additional functionality and the first segment of the Node network of level A (necessary for processing the maximum number of transactions for the minimum time in a standardized format in the future).

    When Level B Nodes are a peer to peer Internet based on stored/running web applications with a search engine, instant messenger, internal assets and their exchange, atomic swaps, friendly contracts, DAPPs tied to unique names that can later be sold by their developers at the internal auction of the decentralized second segment of the Node B network, encrypted transmission of messages, reward authors of the unique content of the social/gaming p2p network of SmartHoldem, very-large-scale data, transparently operating on hybrid p2p protocols, will be transmitted/stored in the third noncommissioned segment.

    Currently, a stable foundation of technical innovations has been prepared.
    Level-A network is ready for use as a stock coin and in gaming/business applications.

    The primary demonstration of playability is scheduled with the release of the heads or tails game between the network participants.

    Several stable interaction modules between the blockchain and developers using other programming languages are expected.

    It is time for new internet!


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