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    Rewarder-Service SmartHoldem
    Development of Rewarder-Service has been completed.
    Rewarder is available on GitHub SmartHoldem


    Rewarder-Service advantages:

    • Voting without participation of third persons!

    • The automated and protected algorithm. Account passwords are not required for its operation.

    • Rewarder-Service allows well timed and convenient opting for one or another delegate and it gives a chance to get in Top 64 for new delegates.

    • The system will pay the remuneration to voters automatically. The payments interest can be any: 10-20-30-40-50-60-70-80-90-100%.

    • The remunerations are recalculated automatically every 30 minutes. There is no need now for delegate to calculate the remuneration manually.

    On having chosen the following parameters, the delegate can suggest new opportunities for voters:

    • Frequency of payments

    • Payments interest from the sum of forging for any period

    • The minimum value of a vote (to be specified by delegate)

    • Personal page of a delegate. Every delegate who installed Rewarder-Service can activate this page. The page is deactivated by default.

    Follow the instructions on GitHub SmartHoldem for installation of Rewarder-Service.

    Delegates of Smartholdem:
    The delegates can be compared with system of democratic elections. The participants of the community vote for Nodes they want to see in TOP 64.

    SmartHoldem nodes in TOP 64 are responsible for checking of transactions, creation of new blocks and support of SmartHoldem network. Holders of the coins obtain the remuneration proportional to the value of its own vote in exchange for their services.

    Owners of SmartHoldem coins lease their coins, in fact, by voting for delegates. The delegates with the most number of votes or STH balance rank among TOP 64.

    The holder can change its vote at any time. The user can revoke its vote and vote for another more worthy node if Node failed.

    Any user can become a SmartHoldem delegate and earn remuneration, support SmartHoldem network. For this it is required to install Node according to technical requirements and bring it to the TOP.

    TOP 64 is attainable in several ways:
    Buy the required quantity of SmartHoldem coins on the XBTS and BitShares exchanges or bring in STH holders who will vote for your node. Usually, people do not vote free of charge that is why think over what payment interest you can offer to get holders interested.

    This is the way the remuneration system works for opting for one or another delegate. Such system is also effective if Node is short of means on the balance to rank among TOP 64. Node can suggest the decent payment interest to voters who are able to raise Node to the TOP by the power of their votes and earn together.

    STH holders:
    If you have some STH coins on balance in purse, you are considered to be a holder; you can earn additional STH coins using your vote value by voting from SmartHoldem purse for a delegate who is interested in attaining or maintaining the position in TOP 64. The sum of remuneration depends on % deductions fixed by the delegate for Node operation.

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