SmartHoldem architecture and its application in the gaming industry

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    SmartHoldem architecture and its application in the gaming industry


    With the inclusion of the gaming segment of the SmartHoldem platform the new blockchain tools will become available both for the developers of computer games, and for Gambling operators.

    SmartHoldem games for gambling segment are the working blockchain-sample of fast and fair games on blockchain, which enable casinos and other operators to optimize their expenses for obtaining the additional licenses, maintaining the servers, payment to the network administrators, etc.

    Texas Holdem Poker by SmartHoldem will be one of the elements to demonstrate the capabilities of the platform.

    We develop the system, which is fully ready for use, where any Gambling operator using SmartHoldem Sidechains will be able to offer fair poker, Black-Jack and other games to its users.


    As soon as the operators are a separate segment of the software buyers, the license will be sold for them separately for the use of ready Blockchain KIT for start. The casinos will be able to put their logos, to choose the style or to change the existing or start fully independent decentralized project with their own brand on the basis of SmartHoldem platform.

    Also we are planning to make the full-fledged store for selling the assets for full-fledges integration with the popular gaming platforms and extension of the possibilities for the game developers. Some modules will be free.

    What SmartHoldem architecture gives:

    • Wide range of use of the game content subjects.

    • Due to integration with popular gaming engines of AAA class. Blockchain games will get the excellent quality of the visual content.

    • Adaptivity for various operating system.

    • Guaranteed payments, which can be seen in blockchain.

    • Renewable tournament fund.

    • Referral blockchain program.

    • SmartHoldem gaming architecture is a Block-chain algorithm, i.e. the machine, which does not require for intervention of the third persons.

    • Provable fair games on Blockchain.

    • The full rights for the games are possessed by their creators.

    • New and efficient methods of monetization. Balance replenishment and withdrawal of funds in popular currencies.

    • Full set of tools for creation of games on Blockchain.

    • SmartHoldem technology releases from the expenses for maintaining the gaming servers.

    • Blockchain security and protection of the user accounts and in-game property.

    • Compatibility of gaming client and SmartHoldem Wallet.

    • Adding the issued Game tokens to decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges XBTS and BitShares.

    And the interest of the players throughout the world is gained by the fair play, usability and prize pool.

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