VeriCoin $VRC is live on XBTS DEX Exchange!

  • VeriCoin is now available to trade on XBTS

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    We excited to confirm that VeriCoin $VRC has been launched on XBTS DEX Exchange.

    Trading pairs: VRC/BTC, VRC/ BTS, VRC/ETH, VRC/CNY and other pairs are Available!

    A purely digital currency that runs on its own protocol PoST (Proof-of-Stake-Time).
    VeriCoin, the Currency, (Ticker: VRC) transactions are currently 10 times faster than Bitcoin, nearly instant and via Verium will become even faster. Unlike Bitcoin, you gain interest like a savings account by simply leaving your digital wallet running on your computer. This process is known as staking, another form of digital minting of new coins, and helps validate transactions on the VeriCoin network.

    VeriCoin allows anyone in the world with an internet connection the ability to transfer and receive funds in a matter of seconds. People who are not able to, or do not have access to a bank account, will now have access to an already established and flourishing financial network. VeriCoin is backed by the technology that will change the world in a variety of ways.

    Welcome to XBTS & Bitshares!

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