Get 80% Cashback on Fees. Lifetime Member and Referral Rewards Program

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    Get 80% Cashback on Fees
    Lifetime Members get 80% cashback on every transaction fee they pay and qualify to earn referral income from users they register with or refer to the network.
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    Advantages Lifetime Members. Fee Schedule
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    Referral Rewards Program
    XBTS based on BitShares blockchain and has an advanced referral program built directly into its software.

    Every time USER pays a transaction fee, that fee is divided among several different accounts. Lifetime Member who referred USER gets 65%.

    Rewarding those who sign up new users, and does so in a fully transparent and automated way.

    More people on the same network increases the value of that network for everyone.

    • To ensure the cost of customer acquisition is sustainable, BitShares blockchain based referral system is designed to always pay out a percentage of actual profits.

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