New Smartholdem Online Wallet! The Most Secure Online Cryptocurrency Wallet in the World

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    The Most Secure Online Cryptocurrency Wallet in the World!

    Introducing the Smartholdem Online Wallet!


    We are pleased to announce that the Smartholdem Online Wallet is now available on for all devices.

    Store and manage STH with ease in the smart and beautiful online wallet.


    It Begins with Total Security
    We built the SmartHoldem Online Wallet foundation on top-of-the-line security architecture, combined our UX/UI and development experience, and went above and beyond to make a Online Wallet that can turn your smartphone into a secure wallet like a hardware wallet.

    SmartHoldem Online Wallet is a Progressive Web Apps. We used modern web APIs along with traditional progressive enhancement strategy to create cross-platform web Online Wallet. SmartHoldem wallet apps work everywhere and provide features that give them the same user experience advantages as native apps.

    The SmartHoldem Online Wallet never holds or has any access to your funds — you are in total control of your private keys. You can always restore your wallet or funds on any device with your recovery 12-24 words BIP39 passphrase or or your own passphrase.


    Easy Access
    Quick and easy access to your STH coins, anytime, anywhere with the SmartHoldem Online Wallet.

    Smart by Design
    The SmartHoldem Online Wallet is designed for simple & fast coin management. Streamlined navigation. Amazing responsive design and new features!

    Vote for Delegates
    With the STH Online Wallet you can search delegates, become a delegate, or vote for a delegate and more. 64 delegates underpin, secure and maintain SmartHoldem's Public Network using a DPoS consensus mechanism

    Import Wallets
    All your SmartHoldem addresses all in one place. Import your wallets, create new directly from the online wallet or add the wallets you are working with to your contact list and get quick access.


    We built our Pin-code that stops any form of data sniffing or keyloggers. The Pin-code is built into the wallet itself with ability to custom selected Pin-code for the ultimate level of wallet protection. The Pin-code is converted to a SHA-384 hash and encrypts itself using AES algorithms.


    Secure Access
    The SmartHodem Online Wallet uses two completely independent layers of cryptography to protect the keystore and confidential data.
    Funds are safely secured with AES-256 encryption and custom selected PIN.

    For maximum security, the ability to create a second secret passphrase has been added. When creating a second secret passphrase, you must know 2 passphrases in order to access your wallet.

    AES brings additional security because it uses a key expansion process in which the initial key is used to come up with a series of new keys called round keys. These round keys are generated over multiple rounds of modification, each of which makes it harder to break the encryption.

    Memory Encryption
    Data is held in encrypted memory and any important values are instantly deleted from memory after processing.

    12 Words or Tell me a verse
    In case your device gets lost or you forget your password, you can restore your wallet and funds with just 12 - 24 words (mnemonic code for generating deterministic keys BIP 39) written on paper. Also SmartHoldem Wallet is the first in the world to support the generation of mnemonic code for generating deterministic keys in Russian (

    You can use your favorite verse or line from a song as a password so you don’t write the words on paper. It became possible thanks to the support of the generation deterministic keys.


    While the Online wallet is an integral part of the STH platform’s ecosystem, we did not build a cryptocurrency wallet that’s just for STH users.
    We built a online wallet for everyone — traders, holders and other cryptocurrency projects included.
    The SmartHoldem Online Wallet supports BTC, BTS, LTC, DOGE, ETH, MDL, NVC, POST, BitCNY, BitUSD.
    You can buy STH coins at any time for any convenient cryptocurrency. To do this, you can use the exchange built into the wallet.


    You can support the Crypto project, which participates in the voting for listing on the XBTS exchange You can vote for the selected project in the voting section of the Online wallet.

    In the Smartholder section you can see the number of participants, the pool of accumulated commissions for payments and you can take part. The SmartHOLDER Staking Program gives benefits to the STH owners. Investing in SmartHoldem Coin, you have the right for a share of earnings 50% of the XBTS DEX trading proceeds, which are generated by trading fees on the XBTS exchange. Increase your crypto portfolio regardless of how the market moves.


    Powered by the SmartHoldem Blockchain Explorer The SmartHoldem Online Wallet does not rely on any 3rd party services or block explorers.This powers the SmartHoldem Online Wallet with detailed transaction information and other great features.


    Welcome to the STH Platform

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