ANTIBOUNTY Affiliate Program

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    Best Affiliate Program on Blockchain!
    Welcome to the ANTIBOUNTY Affiliate Program!

    Starting out as a Antibounty affiliate you will get a referral bonus from each completed task. This means you get STH coins of completed blockchain tasks lifetime commission fees from the friends you invite and your friends get more STH coins from each completed task.

    Joining Antibounty affiliates will give you the ability to generate a lifetime passive income for each person you directly send to Antibounty.

    The Antibounty is a win-win for everyone. Once your referrals go to the Antibounty to earn crypto , you will earn crypto.

    Antibounty lifetime commission offers you incentives on every tasks your referrals make in the future.


    How does the Antibounty Blockchain Affiliate Program work?

    Antibounty is the only service in the world that provides you with activity from real crypto users with confirmation of orders & tasks on the blockchain! Explore Blockchain Twitter Tools!

    Antibounty is a powerful tool for earning cryptocurrency for all participants:

    • Earn cryptocurrency for completing tasks.
    • Post tasks and get feedback from real crypto users.
    • Invite users to Antibounty and earn more STH on their every completed tasks on Twitter!
    • Grow your affiliate network!



    • Open the Online STH wallet on the platform website

    • Register a wallet! Only YOU have access to your account!

    • Open Affiliate in the section ANTIBOUNTY

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    1. Get your refferal link
    Share your personal referral link across the web

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    2. Invite users
    Invite friends & give them programs for making extra money
    Crypto user receives more STH rewards after activating referral link
    The more users you bring to Antibounty, the more you earn

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    3. Be rewarded
    Get more STH for each completed task affiliate makes on Twitter: Retweet, Like, Follow!
    Get +1STH from each antibounty tasks transactions of your referred users!

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    4. Lifetime Affiliate Program
    The Antibounty is a Win-Win for everyone!

    ANTIBOUNTY offers you 20% commission on all of your referrals earning crypto from antibounty website using your personal referral link, including lifetime future operations.

    There is no limit to your commissions with the affiliate! ANTIBOUNTY pay out this commission for every completed task your affiliate makes in their lifetime. You can use STH Wallet to keep track of your referrals and transfer funds to the exchange at any time.


    Antibounty is a Blockchain Twitter Tools platform, most users earn cryptocurrency for Retweet, Like, Follow on Twitter!

    Users are interested in getting your referral link:
    ANTIBOUNTY gives affiliate users +1 STH commission on every tasks complited transactions. Commission from ANTIBOUNTY is for the lifetime of each referral.


    ANTIBOUNTY has many promotional tools available such as promo pics, referral links, and banners


    Invite users to Antibounty and earn more STH! Antibounty pay out for every completed tasks your affiliate makes in their lifetime.
    Antibounty is paid out every Sunday, starting from 1 Sunday from the date that your referral add to your account.
    Antibounty pay you in STH straight to the wallet address.

    STH coin is a core asset of the XBTS DEX Exchange

    • You can exchange your STH coins for any popular cryptocurrency.

    • 42+ Trading pairs. You can trade any amount, at any time, from anywhere, without withdrawal limits. No KYC.

    • STH has many options for use: for paying commissions for transactions on the XBTS exchange,

    • STH takes part in the SmartHOLDER Staking Program and in fair Blockchain Voting for XBTS Dex listing.

    • STH is a native coin for decentralized gaming platform SmartHoldem. STH use in DAPPs, DexGames and much more.

    Becoming a Antibounty affiliate is a sure way to generate lifetime extra income. The more traffic you can generate, the more income you will make.

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