GM Smartnote - Anonymous cryptocurrency on the Smartholdem blockchain

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    GM Smartnote - Anonymous cryptocurrency on the Smartholdem blockchain.

    GM SmartNote is smart crypto money for all digital world. GM is fast, private and secure. You can safely spend GM SmartNote, knowing that others cannot see your balances or track your activities.

    GM Smartnote is the next-generation cryptography-based, untraceable digital currency that protects personal data and ensures complete confidentiality.

    GM Smartnote's zero-knowledge proofs cryptographic function allows you to issue and confirm a GM transaction without disclosing information about the sender's address, receiver, or transaction amount:

    • Untraceable. For each incoming transaction, all senders are equally likely.

    • Unlinkable. For any two outgoing transactions, it is impossible to proofs that they were sent by the same person.


    GM Smartnote is smart digital cash that provides anonymity and privacy to its owner.

    The GM Smartnote holder can provide another user with GM code information for activation, verification, or sending.
    Images released by Smartnote may be publicly distributed without restriction.

    You can issue, print and send out a GM Smartnote by mail or hand it in person, SmartNote can also be stored in a safe, presented for a birthday or send a Smartnote image by e-mail, via messenger, social network account, etc.


    To activate GM, just scan the QR code shown on the note or put the image in the GM section - “Activate Smartnote”.


    You can activate the GM SmartNote only 1 time!
    You can issue GM for any amount, minimum 10 GM.
    Every GM is always 100% backed by Smartholdem coins $STH. Every GM is 1-to-1 pegged to the STH, so 1 GM is always valued at 1 STH.

    You can exchange GM for STH or STH for GM in the Smartholdem wallet in the GM section.
    Creating GM Smartnote has zero fee.


    • The fee for one exchange operation on Smartholdem coins $ STH is 1 STH.

    • In one wallet you can create up to 50 GM codes.

    • GM Smartnote are not duplicated between installed wallets.

    After the user activates GM, Smartnote is deleted from the creator’s wallet.

    • GM SmartNote is available for download immediately after creation.

    • Data on the created GM SmartNote is available only to the creator and will not be displayed in the wallet on another device.

    To access your GM on a new device:

    • Go to GM> Add Address

    • Select the address to which GM was attached and specify a name

    • Click sign

    • Your GM is available to you again!

    The game “Money Tree” is available in Smartholdem wallet, which implements GM anonymous transaction technology SmartNote.
    GM provides the necessary anonymity for players, dictated by the rules of the game. The game is only between players without information about the balance of the opponent’s wallet.

    “Money Tree” is an auction bidding game. To participate, you must make a bet larger than the current one. The goal of the game is to win opponents' bets and grow your money tree using your own strategy.


    SmartHoldem is a scalable blockchain.

    There are 2 types of transactions in the blockchain: Public and Untraceable


    • The cryptographic function of GM Smartnote when exchanging for STH allows you to do public transactions, which can be checked in the block explorer, necessary for working with wallets and exchanges.


    Smartholdem coin $ STH is a fully decentralized Smart cryptocurrency.

    STH is the main unit of account for the multi-functional blockchain platform SmartHoldem and is used in all games, services and applications of the platform.

    The Smartholdem blockchain runs on the Delegated Proof of Stake consensus algorithm. The TOP 64 delegates according to the DPOS algorithm check transactions every 8 seconds, create new blocks, support the SmartHoldem network and receive a reward for each signed block.

    DPOS is a self-regulating system that provides scalability, reliability, immutability and high speed of high-performance computing in comparison with PoW and PoS algorithms. DPOS consensus delegates can be compared to a democratic election system.

    You can participate in the Smartholdem blockchain and earn rewards by supporting the SmartHoldem network. To do this, you need to install the Node, in accordance with the technical requirements, and gain the necessary number of votes to enter the TOP 64. The number of decentralized Nodes outside the Top 64 is not limited.

    Install Node:


    SmartHoldem Coin [STH] is the core asset of the XBTS DEX exchange, and is also integrated with other decentralized platforms Bitshares and Waves Dex.

    STH has over 42+ trading pairs on XBTS DEX. You can buy or trade STH anytime, anywhere, without deposit and withdrawal limits. NO KYC.

    STH has many options for use: for paying commissions for transactions on the XBTS exchange,
    STH takes part in the SmartHOLDER Staking Program and in fair Blockchain Voting for XBTS Dex listing.

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