SmartHoldem platform has successfully fulfilled all the conditions under the agreement with Escrow!

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    SmartHoldem platform has successfully fulfilled all the conditions under the agreement with Escrow! Escrow has fully complied with the agreement.
    Thanks to MinerJones and Lauda for your impeccable work!

    In 3 years, the SmartHoldem Platform has done a huge job: thousands of hours of endless Tech–°runch.
    Thanks to such an ambitious task at the start - We have developed a completely Decentralized Blockchain Platform - the SmartHoldem Platform!

    We have learned a lot. We have created our own game poker engine - Smart Poker Engine! And raised a huge Blockchain Infrastructure!

    During this time, a lot of Development Innovations of Decentralized technologies has been done!
    Lots of open ahead - new services, games and applications.
    We see the goal clearly!

    We have created a fully Decentralized Modern HD TV+ Poker. In addition to the fact that poker operates entirely on the Blockchain, where all transactions are recorded on the Blockchain,
    Poker uses a completely new and unprecedented development of a cryptographically strong RNG. The number of possible variations of deck shuffling is 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000, and in Coinpoker, for example, there are 100,000 possible variations of deck shuffling.
    The Rake in SmartHoldem Blockchain Poker is equal to 1 Chip regardless of the amount won. You can instantly deposit or withdraw your assets,
    and thanks to the partnership of the XBTS Decentralized Exchange with the Payeer Payment Service, you can withdraw assets directly to the card.
    Nobody can limit your user experience! To register in SmartHoldem Poker-Room, you just need to get an address in the blockchain.

    It took 3 years to develop Blockchain Poker! We made real fair Blockchain Poker! And returned Poker to the players!

    Poker is in open beta test Everyone can take part!
    Feel what Real Poker is on the DPOS Blockchain! This is how Blockchain Games should work with low fees, high transaction speed and advanced cryptography.

    P.S. When choosing a crypto project, always see if it has an escrow!

    Welcome to Decentralization:

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