Online Wallet SmartHoldem v 1.0.96. Advanced 2nd Passphrase security

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    Online Wallet SmartHoldem updated to version 1.0.96


    • Running one instance of the application
    • Function to create a 2nd passphrase for an existing address (for advanced users)
    • Waiting for local storage to load
    • Support for 2nd passphrase when importing a wallet
    • Support for 2nd passphrase when sending a regular transaction
    • Support for 2nd passphrase when voting for a delegate
    • Support for 2nd passphrase when registering a delegate
    • Display of the 2nd passphrase in the private section and in the QR


    Account Import:
    If you have already created the 2nd passphrase earlier, you need to re-Import your account.

    Create 2nd Passphrase:
    Go to Wallet section and select 2ND PWD
    Save your 2nd Passphrase !!!
    Blockchain fee for the creation of the 2nd Passphrase is 5 STH.
    After creating the 2nd Passphrase, when entering the wallet, it will be necessary to specify Two Passphrases.

    Advanced 2nd Passphrase security
    Create a 2nd Passphrase to improve the security of your wallet.
    This option is only recommended for advanced users!
    Please do not overcomplicate things, the best security setup is one that you master and can execute with confidence.