XBTS Advanced Wallet Changelog

  • v.0.1.14

    • fiat deposit/withdraw 5% > 1% fee
    • add liquidity pool STH/RUB


    • move balance to portfolio
    • realtime withdraw limits update


    • Add portfolio section
    • Add STH/ETH Pool
    • Fix back to my tokens
    • Fix get prices
    • Small fix stake balance


    • Add download app section


    • XBTS Wallet Deposit/Withdraw
    • Support Wallet Cross chain networks
    • Featured DeFi Pools
    • Pool Stats
    • Top asset holders
    • SmartHolder (DeFi Grandfather) constantly 50% APY from all DEX trades
    • Multi language
    • Prices & Volumes top coins
    • Support Multi accounts
    • Pin code based on the graphical gaming platform
    • Pin is encrypted with SHA384 + AES256, stored in local storage and never sent to the internet.
    • All keys and passwords are encrypted in local storage and are NOT transmitted to the network. Crypto signature is transmitted to the network when transactions are signed

    latest releases

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