Live AMA with TechnoL0g Highlights on Roadmap and SmartHoldem platform evolution

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    On November 2021 Telegram chat of SmartHoldem community hold a session Live AMA with TechnoL0g, core developer and SmartHoldem CEO. Topics covered Roadmap and platform evolution.

    We compiled all the key questions and answers in this conversation.

    Live AMA: The team released a truly impressive Roadmap. And our community has many questions.
    TechnoL0g: - The year is coming to its end. Let us sum up some results, and I will answer the questions.

    Live AMA: What is your vision of the sector SmartHoldem platform is operating in? Cryptocurrency industry prospers, so what do you plan to be up-to-date with technology trends?

    TechnoL0g: - You started with an interesting question. My general vision is positive.
    SmartHoldem has become a global platform. Yet less than 1% of population is involved in cryptocurrency activities. As far as I remember, it counted only 68 million in July.
    This means, we all gathered here just in time. We are at the very start of this stir.

    As for the plans: we developed a new Roadmap. We keep researching and testing new blockchain technologies and solutions.

    Cryptocurrency industry just started gathering pace. We stand at the very base of this industry. It is an exciting journey into research and innovations. Blockchain solves many tasks that previously required human participation.

    To start out, SmartHoldem is a decentralized platform introducing automated algorithms and protocols. This as well allows game developers to widen their opportunities and solve numerous tasks of gaming industry.

    Dedication of gaming branch of the platform is honest games on a blockchain with deterministic algorithm. And this niche is free!

    Now gaming projects in blockchain industry present only 6% of total capitalization, so there is an opportunity to grow. This market has a tremendous potential.

    Our task is to create convenient and transparent tools for developers. As an example, they can use Smart RNG system to create their projects, affiliate program on a blockchain. In addition, they can create tokens for their projects in a convenient and transparent token constructors and set token conditions without wasting time on repeated code and without making mistakes.

    As you see, this, in turn, is an almost instant integration of a blockchain into a game. Many features of the platform exist for a long time already. We also created our own graphics engine for Texas Holdem poker-room. This will allow developers to create 2D games based on SmartHoldem blockchain. Moreover, these developers will instantly receive the opportunity to trade on other decentralized exchanges. To complete this task we started to work on SmartHoldem browser extension similar to MetaMask. A one with easy crypto signature authorization.

    Live AMA: What section of the Roadmap is considered most important for platform evolution and raising the project’s value? What section is the first for the team to work on?

    TechnoL0g: - The most important step is launching of the second network (Brilliant network SmartPoW) in the standard operating mode. Currently we work on updating the first DPoS network (Agile) and entire related infrastructure.

    Live AMA: What is the difference between Agile-Network (DPoS) and Brilliant-Network (SmartPoW)? What benefits does each of them provide?

    TechnoL0g: - Agile is a well-known DPoS with delegates, voting and staking. It provides a maximum transaction speed and excludes the necessity to download a full blockchain. It supports cross-chain protocols. This makes it very convenient for gamers and business when there’s no time to wait for downloading a full blockchain.

    Brilliant – if shortly – is decentralized as much as possible. Most time it requires to download a full blockchain (SPV–wallets with simplified verification are also available), and is supported by miners community.

    It resembles bitcoin but has wider options and functions:

    • decentralized Internet
    • publication and uploading of full DAPP
    • integrated search engine
    • it excludes any types of content blocking
    • it provides additional opportunities for data encryption and transfer
    • User Issued Assets (UIAs) (tokens)
    • naming service (registration, sell/buy at an integrated auctionе) required for internal domain names and named wallets.
    • DDNS service
    • after launching of the client all the network and all the content is available, and at the same time it fits the common Internet and common search engines due to open community nodes
    • easy SWAP token exchange within a blockchain
    • application sell/buy
      and many more

    Brilliant-Network will strengthen the existing network and greatly extend the opportunities it provides. Tests showed difficulty recalculation every 10 blocks.

    Mining will be presented as a coin generation, fees collection, coin blocking-deblocking during transactions between networks and the highest possible decentralization that can be currently implemented.

    Its is known that ETH goes to PoS (it will require >37 ETH to turn on PoS at their account), advantage of Brilliant-Network is SmartHoldem community growth with over 5 million miners. This, in turn, provides coin expandability, more addresses, more users, more transactions and more recognition.

    Live AMA: SmartHoldem is a union of delegates and miners! Great! Next question: at what stage are the Node-B?

    TechnoL0g: - Firstly, Node-B (now Brilliant Network) were created long before release of the first network. The first platform screenshot at the start shows an explorer. It was available for everyone, it operated at PoS and required to download a full. No player needs it, for sure, so we started from launching a fast DPoS network.

    The current architecture is 1 coin 2 blockchains. This means, there are many blockchains, but the amount of coins stays the same.
    Node-B is a Brilliant network.

    PoW will proved the necessary security and stability.
    Early next year we will prove access for anyone who wants to test the network.

    Live AMA: How will DPOS be united with Mining? What will be a procedure for coin burning? And how will mining be implemented in a blockchain?

    TechnoL0g: - We plan to unite the best features of DPoS and PoW algorithms.
    Actually, this is not an easy solution to unite 2 and more different algorithms/blockchain without coin duplication.

    We are currently developing a unified protocol for networks merging. SmartHoldem networks will accordingly the first to merge. Other networks are planned in future.

    It is like the first Internet. When it was created it had no http, ws and other protocols. All the networks work separately. But once a unified protocol will appear (network convention), blockchain industry will go to a new level. It will be possible to transfer any assets or data via any blockchain available. This will lead to a new round of decentralization and availability.

    While networks and transaction numbers will grow, part of the coins will be burned in Agile network DPoS. At the same time, mining will go on in the second network, Brilliant-Network PoW. This is how we a going to achieve the necessary balance.

    Mining algorithm will be built only on GPU. This will lead to maximum dispersion of resources. During the further research we will be able to achieve an efficient mining. This means, we are not going to generate mindless hashes, but something bigger (neural networks, support of huge game worlds).

    So yes, there will be 2 blockchains (not considering sidechains), but let me remind you that the amount of coins will remain the same.

    In simple phrase, if you need maximum availability and speed, use Agile DPoS for games and business; if you need maximum decentralization and anonymity, keep your coins and use Brilliant-Network PoW. As you see, the choice is not limited.

    Live AMA: When are you planning to reduce network delegates and for what reason?

    TechnoL0g: - Delegates reduction is an optimization of Agile DPoS, performance increase and decrease of entropy. Consensus will require less network loading, but the number of relay nodes will be unlimited, as usually.

    Once the whole infrastructure will be updated and public test network Brilliant-Network will be launched, the number of Top delegates in Agile will be reduced. It is a new step in SmartHoldem evolution.

    Live AMA: A question on delegates: Server performance requirements do not allow me to launch as a delegate while the amount of coins is sufficient to raise to the Top. But I still would like to support the infrastructure in some way. Could you tell about PoW-mining STH plans, what vendor should I choose?

    TechnoL0g: - Right now SmartHoldem offers a Rewarder service where delegates pay to users a percent of the forged coins. In order to support the network you can vote for a delegate helping him to stay at the top. There is a link to Rewarder on the main page of the platform. However, if you want to mine in Brilliant-Network, nVidia or AMD GPU will fit.

    Let me point out that currently the requirements for Node-A DPoS deployment are moderate (4GB RAM, 50 GB HDD), any vps will fit.

    Live AMA: Could you shortly explain what the structure of cross-chain bridges is and how they can enhance STH capacity?

    TechnoL0g: - These are STH smart contracts insuring coin operations in other networks like BitShares, ETH, HECO, BSC(BEP20), BNB(BEP2), WAVES connected to SmartHoldem blockchain.

    Thus, STH gains all the features and opportunities of external networks.
    You can find official smart contracts at the main page

    Live AMA: NFT is currently an essential part of games on a blockchain. Could you make a point about integrating NFT into games on a blockchain? What do you plan on NFT in SmartHoldem platform?

    TechnoL0g: - We mentioned NFT in games years before this term appeared, during designing the first games.

    NFT perfectly fits game assets in contrast to centralized gaming platforms. All your game assets are stored in a safe place, they cannot be lost and they nobody can take them away. NFT can be divided into single and series.

    For example, 10 000 copies of the same game item or 1 unique artifact. We will store all the heavy media data in IPFS/Torrent, encrypted with STH-key of the owner. Accordingly, blockchain will have IPFS-hash + nft-token data. Thus, we will reduce blockchain loading and keep all the necessary date safe.

    We will create specific NFT trading platforms that can be integrated to the games, and possibly, to start trade in games. It is good that we are experienced in dex exchange.

    We already started to cooperate with artists, musicians and writers. We work on NFT collections These Exclusive collections will be present at NFT-based art space of SmartHoldem. We plan provide an opportunity to create NFT at beneficial prices. There will be a bonus system for placing collections. The platform will provide a system of public and private auctions for art pieces and a module of an instant purchase of available NFT.

    NFT will also have an integrated percent for a creator to receive if his or her piece of art NFT will be resold (like a referral program), so any creator will receive profit every time the piece of art will be resold. We plan to add an AR to the platform. Collectors will be able to visit their exhibitions in profiles using VR/AR.

    Name of art space at NFT is under discussion yet. I think we will hold a voting to choose the best one. NFT technology will be implemented on the base of Agile & Brilliant-Network.

    I view VR/AR worlds as a vital part of gaming NFT-segment.
    We also plan to integrate NFT in platform’s game projects like poker and Head or Tails.

    Live AMA: To achieve a mass implementation of SmartHoldem technologies it is necessary to expand presence of the coin at exchanges. What time will it take to enter Uniswap and other dex? At what stage are Cross-Chain bridges now?

    TechnoL0g: - Uniswap and other DeFi - entering before the next year.
    Cross-chain is in its final stage of development.

    Live AMA: And one the most frequently asked question: SmartHoldem listing at other exchanges, including centralized ones?

    TechnoL0g: - Currently is possible to trade STH at XBTS in any pair. In addition, Binance DEX STH/BUSD, Waves Exchange (SMARTHOLDEM) are available.

    Here’s an available DeFi
    We will soon complete an integration with other DeFi

    Negotiations are held on STH listing with centralized exchanges and listing agencies.

    Live AMA: How can participants contribute to SmartHoldem?

    TechnoL0g: - You can contribute to the platform development at the official git or creating games/services based on API SmartHoldem. These opportunities are available for anyone willing to take part.
    You can also apply for an Ambassador program in order to promote the platform in your region.

    Live AMA: DeFi is currently one of the hottes topics in blockchain sector. Can your share your opinion on DeFi? Many users are concerned about safety of DeFi. Almost every week the news tell us on hacking of DeFi at Ethereum, BSC or Solana blockchain. Can you tell us, what is the difference between DeFi at XBTS Cross-Chain Dex from DeFi at Ethereum?

    TechnoL0g: - If you ask me, DeFi has unlimited perspective in finance industry. But as it always happens at an early stage, there is too much information noise.
    With time, DeFi can considerably widen the opportunities of finance technologies because they can be easily used.

    In plain words, any liquidity provider at DeFi is an exchange receiving 0.2-0.3% of all the transactions.

    I think that currently the most reliable DeFi is based on BitShares. Due to AMM prices are always up to date and are based on bid-ask spread for a assets(coins/tokens), along with its current volume.

    This means, liquidity providers are essentially acting as Informed Market Makers.

    DeFi based on BitShares have lower fees and higher transaction speed.
    In contrast to EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine), BitShares does not have complicated contracts, so bugs and vulnerabilities are eliminated.

    Safety audit takes place every quarter. There’s just no hype about.

    Live AMA: When do you plan to complete updating of SmartHoldem Poker Room? We really ant to play.

    TechnoL0g: - Currently we prepare all the infrastructure for implementation Agile-Network (DPoS) updates. We are also developing a separate game client for gambling segment (Poker, Lotto, Slots, roulette and other card games based on SmartHoldem gaming engine). This will allow platform developers to speed up launching new games. However, you also can create your games using open API SmartHoldem.

    We plan to complete updating poker in the end of this year or early next year. It depends on updating the platform’s infrastructure updating. We also considered all the feedback and proposals on making poker better.

    Live AMA: And the last question for today: Is it possible to use GM SmartNote technology for other cryptocurrencies via SmartHoldem platform?

    TechnoL0g: - Yes, it will be possible after launching an operating Brilliant-Network SmartPoW by tokenization and release of stable coins into the network.

    Live AMA: Our AMA section has ended и AMA. TechnoL0g, thank you for spending time with us and providing all these useful information. It helps us to learn more about SmartHoldem.

    TechnoL0g: - I was happy to answer your questions, colleagues. Have a nice day!

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