BitShares Weekly Report November 14th, 2022

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    In the wake of the FTX scandal it is important to recognize the critical need for Decentralized versus Centralized Exchanges. The true essence of cryptocurrencies is to break free of the global monetary monopoly. The threat has now shifted from monopolistic fiat currency to the desire for a totalitarian social credit system using CBDC's. The remedy for such treachery can be found in the DEX technology on BitShares. BitShares has brought together people who not only believe in decentralized technologies, but have been working with them for many years. Here at the BitShares Weekly Report we seek to once again introduce BitShares into the ethos on a weekly basis for people to rediscover the true essence of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

    BitShares Group

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    • XBTS SmartHolder staking program will be paying out tomorrow on Nov 15th four tokens distributed to staking members including STH, HIVE, TUSC, NCH. Regular payouts occur twice a month, the 1st and 15th of every month.

    • A new token has been listed on the XBTS DEX, introducing Komodo (KMD) an open source technology provider that offers all in one blockchain solutions for developers and enterprises

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    • TUSC has recently solved some long term UI bugs

    • They are working on rolling out NFT issuance tools over the next few months as well as looking to implement

    • TUSC currently sits at 159% Quorum , meaning they will pay out to SmartHolders

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    • EGC is an environmental organization and currency which introduces the concept of "Proof of Environment" which is a program by which EverGreenCoin rewards environmentally-conscious tasks.

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    • Want to do something to have fun, help The EverGreenCoin Foundation, and maybe win money for yourself? You can! Join @GoldHeartsGames with this link:, donate as little as $10 for game play, we'll get $50 at no cost to you!

    Enjoy #gaming for #charity!🎰💚

    Projects on our Radar include:

    • Tangi Token

    • SmartHoldem Poker

    • BEOS

    • Quintric

    • Hellovacay

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    STAY TUNED....

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