State of the DEX 2023 XBTS is now the Gold Standard in DEX's

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    The collapse of centralized entities such as FTX, Celsius, Terra Luna, and more to come, has led to a resurgence of interest in true DEX's. DEXs aim to offer lower transaction fees, let users directly hold their own assets and avoid some regulatory burdens.

    Enter the legacy brand known as BitShares and more specifically the new and improved UI with XBTS!

    One naturally may ask, what does XBTS have to offer me?

    • Well to start XBTS offers a reliable and user friendly platform, all the tools necessary for trade, interexchange arbitration, DeFi, GameFi, staking, exchange, and holding cryptocurrencies.

    • XBTS offers financial stability in a volatile digital currency market by offering physical metal backed and redeemable tokens. Introducing Quint, QuintS, and Goldbacks. Simply acquire the tokens via Pools on XBTS. To learn how to physically redeem them you can discover how here

    Let's look into the nuances of XBTS in particular
    The sleeping giant hiding in plain sight on XBTS is

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    • SmartHoldem (STH) is a core asset of the XBTS DEX. SmartHoldem seeks integration of all decentralized games and applications into a single game client.

    Creating a Culture of Freedom and Independence

    • The team behind STH blockchain are creating a community and tools to empower the individual. Self determination is a pre-requisite and those that value individualism will find a whole host of new technologies to discover. Let's dive in to the tools and tech that the SmartHoldem team is offering:
    1. Smart 2FA Authenticator TOTP APP Learn how to take back your power over your personal security. Mind blowing technology, there is no going back once you use the Smart 2FA . Learn more about this epic technology here

    2. Paper Wallet Generator is an open source project that has been recently released for Bitcoin and 40+ Alt-coins. Next-Gen Paper Wallet Generator 2.0! Create! Hold! Print! Gift! Encrypt! Offline Open Source Client-Side Cryptocurrency Wallet Generator! The best Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies paper wallet generator. Completely free. Сreated for people.

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    ➕Paper wallets are one of the most secure cold storage for cryptocurrencies.
    ➕You control and manage the public and private keys yourself.
    ➕A paper wallet is not connected to the internet and is protected from web-based attacks.


    1. Artificial Neural Networks Custom NFT's, avatar generation and high-resolution pictures all for the benefit of the SmartHoldem Community, you will also have the ability to use the tech for commercial purposes.

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    The platform will be created for the NFT, where real NFT pictures from real artists and users are created by the neural network. The neural network will also be able to create both 3D models and draw icons! To issue a neural NFT, you will need to select the required option and pay in STH, which in turns brings further adoption and revenue to the SmartHoldem chain!

    On the Horizon

    So we covered tools to empower the individual's digital security and creative imagination amongst many other features. Now lets look into the current projects and future prospects!


    • SmartHoldem Poker Room

    • MTT

    • Decentralized tournaments

    • Mobile applications Android, IOS

    • Desktop application Windows, Linux, MacOS

    • Personal statistics

    • Personal notes on players

    • Player rating system

    • Transfer of gaming chips from the poker side-chain to the Brilliant-Network

    • NFT-tokens of game assets

    • Create custom private and public tables

    • SmartLink technology - data processing on 1 device with broadcast to others, for example, in poker, broadcasting the game table on the big screen, while mobile devices act as virtual cards in the hands of players, it is convenient when playing in offline campaigns

    • Improvements, additions and fixes

    The adoption of Game-Fi on the SmartHoldem blockchain will in turn power the yields in the pools on the XBTS DEX.

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    You can read SmartHoldem's roadmap here


    I believe now we can see the pieces coming into place. Now ask yourself, how many people do you know that understand all of the hard work and promise involved in XBTS and STH? We all long for the opportunity to get in on a great investment early on when prices are at sub-bsmt levels. Add to this the ability to start asserting sovereignty over your life.
    The main question one needs to ask themselves, is what is the quality of the project, team, developers, product, etc? I believe the answer after reading this post is self-evident.

    How do I sign up? Start here:

    Fortune Favors the Bold Come Explore a Visionary Future that Empowers the Individual

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