Crypto Red Envelopes! Gift crypto for the Lunar New Year!

  • Happy Lunar New Year!

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    Celebrate the Lunar New Year by sending crypto red envelopes to your family and friends - even if they don't have a wallet.

    Red envelopes are a New Year tradition where people give gifts to their loved ones for good luck. They're usually paper and have money inside. We've built the crypto version!

    Next-Gen Paper Wallet Generator 2.0.
    Offline Open Source Client-Side Cryptocurrency Wallet Generator!


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    Create Red Envelopes on Paper Wallet Generator APP for Bitcoin, Ethereum, SmartHoldem, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and other popular cryptocurrencies. Paper Wallet Generator works with over 30 blockchains.

    How to create Crypto Red Envelope?

    • Install Paper Wallet Generator APP

    • Disconnect from the internet

    • Open Paper Wallet Generator app

    • Choose a cryptocurrency

    • Click «Paper Wallet»

    • Choose "red envelope" wallet design

    • Generate a random private key and a new address

    • Encrypt wallet with BIP38 password (recommended)

    • Click «Print». You can quickly print the wallet or save it as a PDF
      Your Crypto Red Envelope is ready to use!

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    How to add cryptocurrency to a paper wallet?
    In the Withdraw section of a cryptocurrency exchange or your favorite crypto wallet app, enter your paper wallet public address and the amount you want to withdraw to your paper wallet for storage. Check the transaction in the Block Explorer.

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    What is a paper wallet?
    A paper wallet is a cryptocurrency cold storage wallet that provides access to your coins. It contains QR codes, a public address, and a private key for working with a cryptocurrency address and blockchain transactions. It can be printed on paper, therefore, it is called a Paper Wallet.

    How to use a paper wallet?
    Here are a few use cases of a paper wallet:

    • Cold storage

    • A pleasant crypto gift. You can give a paper wallet with cryptocurrency

    • Promo card

    • A way to learn and have fun

    • A way to make an offline transaction. If you gave someone a paper wallet, you actually just made an offline cryptocurrency transaction. If the recipient has the keys, then access to the funds in the wallet too.

    • Adding a BIP 38 password will securely encrypt the private key and provide extra protection to the paper wallet as you also need a password to move funds out of the paper wallet. You can send BIP 38 encrypted paper wallets by email or personal message, and provide the decryption password in person.

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    You can give cryptocurrency to friends as gifts, and the one who gets a red envelope will receive the cryptocurrency for free.

    You may create red envelopes on Paper Wallet Generator APP for popular cryptocurrencies.

    Happy Lunar New Year!

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