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    The SmartHoldem platform, together with XBTS DEX exchange, presents Dex Lotto "Lucky Dex", the world’s first Decentralized lottery, operating on DPOS, POW and POS blockchains. Really provable event randomness, which depends on all actions in the blockchain. Brilliant and simple. Forget about pseudo random. Meet the real random!

    The Dex Lotto lottery is based on the DPOS Blockchain technology and is an open source event blockchain random data generator in a decentralized, socialized and provable method.

    Enyone can verify the fairness of the lottery. Forget about those complicated or almost impossible ways to check “fairly honest RNG” lotteries, based on the Ethereum blockchain and similar systems, in which you can only see ticket purchases and winnings.

    Dex Lotto is a unique development of the Smartholdem Platform and XBTS DEX team and is supported by Smartholdem, Bitshares, Postcoin and Bitcoin blockchain nodes.

    We created a transparent online lottery on the blockchain without a previously saved win result. A unique eventual RNG, based on the participation of the players themselves and their actions, that determine the events, that happen on the blockchain.

    It is the players, who determine the randomness of the start and finish of the lottery, the block choice, transaction hash and the winner.

    The RNG considers online behavior and the logic of the players, their choice of actions, which is an unpredictable factor in the development of further events through the game. The implementation process, the start and the winner itself in Dex Lotto depends directly on the players. And this is precisely what introduces the element of complete randomness of events.

    The “Lucky Dex” lottery itself is a random event generator, because all events, such as: ticket purchase time, any actions on the blockchain: transactions, payments, voting and others, affect the generation of random hashes and are recorded on the blockchain.

    The Dex Lotto algorithm is fair and honest.

    Dex Lotto helps people to observe their impact on the random number generating process.

    The transparent, irreversible process of event generation on the blockchain and the actions of the players themselves ensures the validity of random numbers and the fairness of winning the lottery.

    Nobody knows who will get lucky and who will win!

    The chances of victory are equal for each participant and are the highest among the lotteries.

    Join an honest lottery and see for yourself!


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