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    @oneavail nice idea. Thanks

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    How to trade BTS: A Step-by-Step BitShares BTS Trading Guide [2023] How to Trade BitShares BTS

    BTS is a trendy coin among crypto traders. Discover everything you need to know about how to trade BTS through this guide.

    What is BitShares BTS?

    BitShares was built in July 2014 by Dan Larimer (Steem/EOS's co-founder) and Charles Hoskinson (Cardano's founder).

    The BitShares blockchain was the first to implement a Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism, in which token holders can delegate their tokens to validators without running a validating node themselves.

    BitShares is an open-source blockchain designed to provide a more efficient global payment network and is used for securely trading cryptocurrencies without intermediaries.

    BitShares BTS is the core asset of BitShares blockchain. BTS is used for transaction fees, voting, staking, DeFi, and credit offers within the BitShares Network.

    Vitalik Buterin said about BitShares: "BTS is better. They have a built-in decentralized exchange." Oct 11, 2020

    XBTS DEX & DeFi

    Start trading BitShares BTS on XBTS DEX using advanced blockchain trading tools.

    XBTS is a multi-chain decentralized exchange and DeFi platform operating on the BitShares blockchain since 2018.

    devices (2).png

    XBTS Dex and DeFi are used by traders from all over the world. All transactions are recorded in the blockchain, the entire history of your account is available in the Block Explorer.

    Our reliable and user-friendly platform offers all the tools necessary for trading, crypto arbitrage, DeFi, GameFi, staking, exchange, and holding cryptocurrencies.

    XBTS provides a cross-chain bridge system for any trading strategies.


    Quick deposit and withdrawal to/from BNB Smart Chain BSC, Huobi HECO Chain, EOS Chain, Ethereum, and deposit / withdrawal to/from 42 native blockchains.

    XBTS List of Assets & Status https://xbts.io/assets

    Global Crypto Markets
    XBTS users get access from named BitShares blockchain accounts to all exchange functions, multiple markets, DeFi pools, and BitShares blockchain services.

    You can trade BitShares BTS and other cryptocurrencies in any direction. Tremendous choice of trading pairs, over 20000 options. Low fees

    To trade BitShares BTS through XBTS DEX, you need to create an account or import your BitShares account.

    How to sign up with XBTS DEX?

    Create a free account on the XBTS Dex or the DeFi app.



    Account registration takes place in the BitShares blockchain Create a name and save a passphrase generated by a blockchain.

    Your account is your address in BitShares blockchain. A secret phrase is provided by a blockchain during registration, keep it safe!
    The exchange does not keep your keys. Only you can access your account.

    XBTS is a decentralized exchange where you can buy several cryptocurrencies including BitShares. Choose how you want to buy the BitShares BTS.

    Buy BitShares!

    How to buy BitShares (BTS) on XBTS DEX Platform


    📊Search for BitShares on the list of available cryptocurrencies. Use a "Buy Order", choose the amount of BTS to buy, set up other trade details, and confirm the order.


    How to buy BitShares (BTS) on the XBTS DeFi Platform


    The XBTS DeFi platform makes it easy and comfortable to exchange cryptocurrency. To get some BTS coins just follow the instructions below:

    For example, you want to swap HIVE for BTS. Select a pool from the list. Then enter the amount you want to swap.

    🌐BitShares BTS DeFi Liquidity Pools https://app.xbts.io/#/pools?a=bts




    💠Swap in one click!

    Trade as an Informed Market Maker!
    XBTS aggregator monitors all DEX order books and all liquidity pools across DeFi and uses complex algorithms to detect the most favorable prices with the least slippage.

    How to deposit cryptocurrency BitShares BTS

    XBTS platform operates on the BitShares blockchain. Your XBTS account provides access to XBTS DEX ans DeFi trading applications and BitShares blockchain services and interfaces.

    Deposit and withdrawal of BTS differ from other cryptocurrencies. BitShares BTS is the core asset of BitShares blockchain.


    To deposit BTS from other exchanges, always indicate ONLY your account NAME, obtained during registration on the XBTS platform, without additional characters or text, such as bts1, binance, xbtsio, 123, deposit, or any other.

    Your account name is your address in the BitShares blockchain for depositing BTS from other exchanges.


    Airdrop BTS BitShares. Rewards for Every!

    How to Claim BitShares BTS Cryptocurrency:

    Join the XBTS group https://t.me/xbtsio Register on the XBTS exchange: https://ex.xbts.io Write in the chat: givememoney+your account name (for example, givememoney:toptrader1) Done! BTS has been sent to your account! Check your balance!

    You can get BitShares BTS cryptocurrency Weekly!

    XBTS Cross-Chain Dex & DeFi
    Web https://xbts.io
    DEX https://ex.xbts.io
    DeFi https://app.xbts.io
    Safely! Instantly! Simply!

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    BitShares Group

    BitShares Mobile (Original BTS++) v7.16 update (updated both for iOS and Android).

    What's new?


    GooglePlay address: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.bitshares.app
    Official website: https://btspp.io/
    Official download address: https://app.btspp.io/
    Telegram: https://t.me/btsplusplus
    Github: https://github.com/bitshares/bitshares-mobile-app


    JUST IN -------> BitShares Weekly Report has received word that the SmartHoldem team is working with artificial neural networks and exploring the possiblities of integrating them into SmartHoldem. Here are some images developed with their tech!

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    What would be the ultimate goal of such an endeavor?

    The answer would involve such things as custom NFT's, avatar generation and high-resolution pictures all for the benefit of the SmartHoldem Community, you will also have the ability to use the tech for commercial purposes. The platform will be created for the NFT, where real NFT pictures from real artists and users are created by the neural network. The neural network will also be able to create both 3D models and draw icons! To issue a neural NFT, you will need to select the required option and pay in STH, which in turns brings further adoption and revenue to the SmartHoldem chain!

    The team has been finishing work on the paper wallet, such as testing and having translation teams send over translations for the app and website. The paper wallet is an open-source project and after this release the launch of the Poker game is next on deck for deployment.

    alt text

    alt text



    alt text

    With the fall of FTX and now the bankruptcy of BlockFi many people are asking themselves, whom can I trust? We all love crypto but how can one add real stability in their portfolio? XBTS provides cutting edge solutions such as being the only DEX where you can easily jump into a pool and pick up Quint, which is a 100% physical backed redeemable gold cryptocurrency token. Start pooling your crypto currencies with physical gold and protect your portfolio today! Quint is available in the following

    alt text

    pools on the XBTS DEX :
    1 Quint/BTS
    2 Quint/BEOS
    3 Quint/USDC
    4 Quint/AXAI

    alt text

    ☃️Christmas Prediction Contest🎲!

    alt text

    🎯GUESS Bitcoin PRICE, GET PRIZE! Yeap, it’s as easy as it sounds😁

    ➡️Guess the price of Bitcoin on 25th December, 01:00 am (GMT), and win $100 USDT💰. 1 lucky winner will get the main prize in case the actual price is guessed. ➡️If it's not guessed then the prize is divided between two participants with the closest prices.

    Competition time: 1 Nov - 25 Dec 2022. Guesses close on December 10, 2022. Predicted object: BTC price on CoinPaprika at 01:00 am (GMT) on 25 Dec 2022

    How to join:
    Step 1: Join XBTS group on Telegram https://t.me/xbtsio
    Step 2: Register on XBTS DEX https://xbts.io/
    Step 3: Watch Bitcoin chart, and comment in the XBTS group https://t.me/xbtsio the price that you guess.

    🎁Prize: 1 x 1st prize: 100 USDT Tether or 2 x consolidation prizes: 50 USDT Tether (per winner)

    Important rules:

    Each account will have only 1 chance to predict the price of BTC. You can't identical comment on other comments.

    All users of the XBTS and BitShares can participate in this Contest.

    Accounts that fail to complete the steps will not be awarded.
    The result will be announced on 25 Dec 2022.

    The prize will be credited to XBTS or BitShares Wallet accounts only!


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    BitShares Weekly Report for October 14th, 2022


    BitShares Group

    The BitShares Group announced this week that the BitShares Blockchain information appearing over coinmarketcap is updated now! Updates include:
    1 Replacing the old retro logo of BitShares with newer one.
    2Including blocksights.info on top of Explorers order
    3 Removing outdated explorer bitsharescan.com
    4 Replacing main chat with https://t.me/BitSharesGroup
    5 Getting the Coin Market Cap community page verified https://coinmarketcap.com/community/profile/BitShares


    This week the XBTS team successfully handled the necessary technical adjustments to support the recent Hive hardfork 26. Learn more here https://hive.blog/hive/@hiveio/the-evolution-of-hive-hardfork-26

    alt text

    Two new pools have also been added this week for Ethereum Classic and Peercoin:

    alt text

    alt text

    The Champion for this weeks SmartHolder payout is TUSC who has reached a quorum of 273% . Don't mess with the mighty TUSC! Learn more about their project here https://tusc.network/

    alt text

    TUSC has also made great progress working with Nftea.gallery on the Beet App, more on this below!

    BitShares Beet App

    alt text

    Nftea.gallery has been making tons of progress on the Beet app including QR codes, TOTP codes, UX improvements! As well as generating BitShares QR codes & scanning them with BEET for blockchain broadcast. Also generating encrypted BitShares BEET deeplinks for blockchain operations! Learn all about it here!

    1 https://hive.blog/bitshares/@nftea.gallery/bitshares-beet-developments-in-early-october-2022-qr-codes-totp-codes-ux-improvements
    2 https://hive.blog/bitshares/@nftea.gallery/generating-bitshares-qr-codes-and-scanning-them-with-beet-for-blockchain-broadcast
    3 https://hive.blog/bitshares/@nftea.gallery/generating-encrypted-bitshares-beet-deeplinks-for-bitshares-blockchain-operations


    BitShares Blockchain is a Legacy brand and its full potential is just getting started! BitShares as of publication sits at #461 on coinmarketcap, up from #500 a few months ago. You look at the crypto tokens that are ahead of BitShares and you will see what a pure value play looks like. BitShares cutting edge technology and interblockchain communication capabilities are just beginning to be understood by investors and crypto enthusiasts! All this and we haven't even discussed Karat Swap or SmartHoldem's upcoming poker game, till next week. Welcome to the journey everybody!

    alt text


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    BitShares Weekly Report for September 16th, 2022
    Sponsored by BitShares Fractal Team



    XBTS team is currently synchronizing the new ETH blockchain as a result of the Merge from PoW to PoS. Now in order to work with the ETH blockchain, two nodes are required the ETH and the Beacon blockchains. Synchronization will take 2 days.

    GODs token is being added to the DEX and the listing will be formally announced next week. https://ex.xbts.io/asset/XBTSX.GODS

    New liquidity pools have been added:


    image (7).png

    Also this week there was a regular payment under the SmartHolder program, STH, BTC, EOS, TUSC, AXAI were distributed among the holders.

    Promo materials are being prepared for the release of poker and work continues on a new website for https://playpoker.pro/ The SmartHoldem team has created their own original game engine for the decentralized poker room and are currently optimizing game processes and working on a system for creating tournaments!

    image (8).png

    Today on Sept 16th Peercoin has announced that they are now listed on the XBTS DEX. Just last month Peercoin turned 10 years old as it was launched on Aug 19th 2012. To learn more about Peercoin here is a link to their whitepaper https://www.peercoin.net/resources#whitepaper


    The BitShares Group https://bitsharesgroup.org/ has put together a slick new brochure the contents are below. You can also download the content on the new BitShares Fractal Discord channel https://discord.gg/urH9jSKs

    image (9).png
    image (10).png
    image (11).png
    image (12).png

    BitShares NFT's

    Nftea.gallery has continued making progress on the NFT front for BitShares, check out his latest work he has published on Hive, progress includes but is not limited to: new compatability with MacOS, UX improvements, anti-virus solutions, scammer account tracker upgrades, transfer prompt improvements, Users/devs are now able to include encrypted/unencrypted memo contents in transfer operations, learn more below. 1) https://hive.blog/bitshares/@nftea.gallery/this-week-s-bitshares-and-beet-developments 2) https://hive.blog/bitshares/@nftea.gallery/automatically-scanning-release-binaries-with-over-70-antiviruses-via-virustotal-in-github-action-workflows 3) https://hive.blog/bitshares/@nftea.gallery/bitshares-nft-viewer-update-v1-1-1

    EverGreen Coin

    EGC does a mothly contest for crypto called Proof of Enviornment ever since 2017. This is how it works https://evergreencoin.org/poe/

    Recently got a Gitcoin Grant

    Has many trading pairs in XBTS pool https://app.xbts.io/#/ Including a new pair with Tether

    image (13).png

    BitShares Fractal Team

    We have set up a new Bitshares Fractal channel on discord https://discord.gg/urH9jSKs which serves as a great place to keep up to date with all the projects in the BitShares ecosystem such as xbts, smartholdem, beos, axai, evergreencoin, bitshares fractal team and more to be added soon with regular updates.

    We are having our regular BTS Fractal team meeting on Tuesday at 11am EST and encourage any and all community member to join and hang out. Follow the Telegram group for links and information https://t.me/bitsharesfractal or follow us at on our discord channel linked above.


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    Dear Community! We are glad to announce that HIVE is Now Listed on XBTS Decentralized Exchange!
    This is a very important event that opens doors for many new users and traders to be part of the HIVE platform and XBTS Dex.

    XBTS DEX https://xbts.io is a BitShares-based decentralized exchange and an entry point into the volumes of decentralized markets.

    HIVE on XBTS DEX: https://ex.xbts.io/asset/XBTSX.HIVE
    Market: https://ex.xbts.io/market/XBTSX.HIVE_BTS and other pairs are Available!

    Benefits of the XBTS exchange:

    Deposit - Zero Fee/ Withdrawal Gateway Fee - 0.1 HIVE Instant buy and sell of cryptocurrency at fair price with blockchain guarantees. Each trading operation is saved in the BitShares blockchain. Transaction confirmation time of just 3 seconds. Only you have the access to your account! No KYC You can trade any amount, at any time, from anywhere. You can create any trading pair you need.

    How to Trade Crypto On XBTS - Step by Step Guide: https://bitsharestalk.org/index.php?topic=26813.msg343132#msg343132
    First thing’s first, you’ll need to create an account. Anyone is able to sign up since XBTS does not require customer information.
    Visit the XBTS website https://xbts.io. Click [Log In] or [Create Account]

    Transfer from HIVE Account

    Deposit/Withdrawal HIVE from/to XBTS DEX https://ex.xbts.io/deposit-withdraw

    XBTS Decentralized Exchange
    Safely! Instantly! Simply!

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/XBTS_EXCHANGE
    Telegram: https://t.me/xbtsio
    Github: https://github.com/XBTS
    Hive: https://hive.blog/@xbts
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/xbtsdexteam/
    BitcoinTalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4810122
    BitsharesTalk: https://bitsharestalk.org/index.php?topic=26813.0

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    @vlad2323 Спасибо за GM, активировал!

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    Платформа DeFi Нового Поколения - DeFi AMMOB! https://app.xbts.io

    Лучшие инвестиционные возможности с агрегатором ликвидности XBTS DeFi AMMOB.
    Испытайте преимущества мгновенной торговли и зарабатывайте, разместив токены в пуле.


    Платформа XBTS DeFi AMMOB - это DeFi протокол с Автоматизированным Маркет-Мейкером Книги Ордеров, предназначенный для обмена между криптовалютами с низкими комиссиями и ограниченным проскальзыванием.

    Протоколы ликвидности платформы XBTS DeFi AMMOB позволяют любому стать Маркет-Мейкером, добавлять свои активы в несколько различных пулов ликвидности и зарабатывать комиссии.

    defi_ammob_web (1).png

    Ценовые котировки в DeFi создаются с помощью сложного и масштабируемого алгоритма ценообразования AMMOB, который сканирует любую внешнюю информацию, касающуюся мировой средней цены активов и биржевых стаканов на децентрализованной бирже XBTS в блокчейне BitShares.

    XBTS DEX https://xbts.io - это децентрализованная биржа на основе BitShares и точка входа в объемы децентрализованных рынков.

    defi_ammob_market_ (1).png

    Поставщики ликвидности, которые объединяют свой капитал в платформу XBTS Defi, создают рынки, всегда торгуя по ценам, установленным алгоритмом ценообразования AMMOB, выступая в качестве Информированных Маркет-Мейкеров.

    Цена на бирже всегда формируется в результате участия двух сторон – продавцов и покупателей. Динамика этих взаимодействий отражается в книге ордеров. Книга ордеров (биржевой стакан) представляет интересы покупателей и продавцов по уровню спроса и предложения. Биржевой стакан дает трейдеру возможность принимать более обоснованные решения на основе объема спроса и предложения на рынке определенной криптовалюты. Книга ордеров – это публичное отражение позиций заинтересованных сторон в режиме реального времени.

    Платформа XBTS Defi AMMOB позволяет своим пользователям как предоставлять ликвидность для получения пассивного дохода, так и мгновенно обмениваться между различными активами. Скорость подтверждения операции менее 3 секунд. Лимитные ордера всегда сопоставляются с пулами ликвидности, что обеспечивает лучшую рыночную цену.

    defi_ammob_price (1).png

    Финансирование Пулов AMMOB происходит в блокчейне по автоматизированному DeFi протоколу. Автоматический расчет необходимой суммы для А и Б активов, позволяет предоставить ликвидность для этих активов в торговой паре и обеспечить дополнительную ликвидность для трейдеров и маркет-мейкеров на бирже.

    Ликвидность обеспечивается пользователями, которые получают пассивный доход от своего депозита в виде торговых комиссий, основанных на процентном соотношении от пула ликвидности, который они предоставляют. Все торговые комиссии от любых операций в пуле добавляются в ликвидность пула и распределяются между участниками пула.

    Арбитражёры и Алгоритмические торговые роботы всегда платят поставщикам ликвидности DeFi AMMOB ! Арбитражёры не могут изменять распределение токенов в пулах ликвидности для корректировки котировок по отношению к рыночной цене.

    Благодаря высокоскоростной цепочке блоков BitShares, XBTS DeFi AMMOB становится полноценной альтернативой традиционным финансам - молниеносные книги заказов и алгоритмы балансировки цен делают DeFi AMMOB безопасным и прибыльным инструментом.

    DeFi AMMOB - это экосистема DeFi полного цикла

    Что делает поставщик ликвидности?
    Поставщик ликвидности - это пользователь, который финансирует пул ликвидности за счет принадлежащих ему криптоактивов и и получает пассивный доход со своего депозита.

    Пул Ликвидности агрегирует и предоставляет ликвидность в конкретных криптовалютах, с перекрестным подключением к книгам заказов Биржи XBTS и ассетов в блокчейне BitShares, для трейдеров, покупателей, арбитражёров, алгоритмических торговых роботов.

    Пулы ликвидности AMMOB обеспечивают высокую скорость при обработке транзакции - менее 3 секунд!


    Что такое LP токены?

    LP токены - Токены поставщика ликвидности.

    Когда вы размещаете ликвидность в пуле, то получаете взамен специальные токены LP (название происходит от Liquidity Provider) как эквивалент сумме внесенных средств. LP токены обозначают право на часть криптовалют в пуле, и поставщик ликвидности в любой момент можете использовать LP токены пула для возврата своей доли и дохода с комиссии.

    Все комиссии, заработанные в пуле, добавляются к ликвидности пула и распределяются между поставщиками ликвидности - держателями LP токенов пропорционально % в пуле.

    Размер оплаты поставщикам ликвидности зависит от процента предоставляемых ими средств в пул ликвидности. При финансировании пула от поставщиков ликвидности требуется финансировать два разных актива, чтобы трейдеры могли переключаться между одним и другим, торгуя в паре активов.


    Блокчейн Протокол DeFi AMMOB гарантирует безопасность каждой операции, а также то, что инвестированные активы могут быть востребованы в любое время.

    Преимущества DeFi протокола с Автоматизированным Маркет-Мейкером Книги Ордеров уникальны по сравнению с другими протоколами ликвидности.

    Проблемы других Defi систем: - Например, в Uniswap участники поставляют ликвидность в специальные пулы, где цена актива меняется в зависимости от того, сколько в пуле ликвидности. Это означает, что в Uniswap провайдеры ликвидности находятся всегда под угрозой сброса активов по неликвидной цене, сейчас создатели Uniswap пытаются решить эту проблему, но смартконтракт Ethereum для Uniswap ограничен по своим функциям и не может быть изменен, и без внедрения централизованного сервиса, эта проблема остается нерешенной.

    Решения для DeFi: DeFi АММОВ на блокчейне BitShares реализует совершенно новый принцип Децентрализованного DeFi протокола, где каждый участник системы защищен алгоритмами блокчейна. Стоимость активов в пуле рассчитывается в соответствии с мировой ценой активов, таким образом провайдеры ликвидности на уровне блокчейна становятся Информированными Маркет Мейкерами.
    Все биржевые котировка, сопоставление ордеров и расчеты по сделкам происходят непосредственно в самом блокчейне BitShares.


    Цель XBTS DeFi AMMOB - упростить и ускорить привлечение маркет-мейкеров к созданию рынка в сети, предоставить все необходимые инструменты, обучение и поддержку.

    Преимущества DeFi AMMOB на основе XBTS Dex :

    Скорость транзакции: Время обработки транзакции в блокчейне BitShares занимает менее 3 секунд.
    Децентрализация: DPoS блокчейн BitShares полностью децентрализован, что обеспечивает защиту пользователей. Взлом невозможен. Только у Вас есть доступ к Вашему аккаунту!
    Низкие транзакционные издержки: BitShares предлагает специальные решения, которые делают транзакции в системе очень дешевыми.


    Работать с XBTS DEX очень просто:
    Посетите и зарегистрируйтесь на платформе DeFi AMMOB https://app.xbts.io/ и начните торговать, инвестируя в пулы ликвидности и стейкая активы в несколько кликов.

    Биржа XBTS работает на блокчейне BitShares, поэтому вы можете импортировать свою учетную запись XBTS https://xbts.io или BitShares. Только у вас есть доступ к вашей учетной записи. Приложение не хранит ваши данные.

    Кошелек XBTS DeFi Wallet - это прогрессивное приложение. Мы использовали современные API-интерфейсы вместе с традиционной стратегией прогрессивного улучшения для создания кроссплатформенного веб-/ онлайн / настольного кошелька XBTS DeFi. Кошелек XBTS DeFi Wallet никогда не хранит и не имеет доступа к вашим средствам - вы полностью контролируете свои личные ключи.

    XBTS DeFi AMMOB https://app.xbts.io/
    XBTS Децентрализованная биржа https://xbts.io

    Следите за нами в социальных сетях и будьте в курсе новостей!

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/XBTS_EXCHANGE
    Telegram: https://t.me/xbtsio
    Github: https://github.com/XBTS
    Hive: https://hive.blog/@xbts
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/xbtsdex/
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/xbtsdexteam/
    BitcoinTalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4810122
    BitsharesTalk: https://bitsharestalk.org/index.php?topic=26813.0

    XBTS DeFi AMMOB - это техническая платформа, основанная на открытом коде BitShares Splash 5.0.

    Риски от любых Торговых и Инвестиционных решений и их последствия в полном объеме несет Пользователь платформы. Все сведения и данные, находящиеся в этой статье носят исключительно информационное назначение и не являются публичной офертой.

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    Next Generation DeFi platform - DeFi AMMOB https://app.xbts.io

    Our mission is to make DeFi simpler, more accessible & across-the-board

    Best investment opportunities with XBTS DeFi AMMOB Liquidity Aggregator.

    XBTS DEX https://xbts.io is a BitShares-based decentralized exchange and an entry point into the volumes of decentralized markets.


    XBTS DeFi AMMOB platform is an Automated Market Maker Order Book protocol designed for swapping between cryptocurrencies with low fees and limited slippage.

    Liquidity protocols of XBTS DeFi AMMOBS platform allow anyone to become a Market Maker, Add their assets to several different liquidity pools and Earn fees on many different market pairs.

    Price quotes on an DeFi are created through complex and scalible pricing algorithm AMMOB which does take into account any external information regarding of the world average price of asset and trading spread on the BitShares blockchain.

    Liquidity providers that pool their capital in an XBTS Defi Platform make markets by always trading against the prices set by the AMMOB's pricing algorithm, essentially acting as Informed Market Makers.


    XBTS Defi AMMOB platform allows its users to both supply liquidity to earn passive income or exchange between various assets.

    Liquidity pools work in conjunction with the order books of the XBTS decentralized exchange.
    Pools are financed on-chain for both assets of a trading pair and provide additional liquidity for traders and market makers on the exchange.

    Liquidity is provided by Users who receive passive income from their deposit through trading commissions based on the percentage of the liquidity pool they provide.

    The arbitrageurs always pay liquidity providers (investors) of the DeFi AMMOBs! The Arbitrageurs can not change the token allocation of the liquidity pools to correct price quotes towards the market price.

    Thanks to the high speed BitShares blockchain, XBTS DeFi AMMOB is becoming a full-fledged alternative to traditional finance - lightning fast order books and price balancing algorithms make DeFi a desirable, safe and profitable tool.


    DeFi AMMOB is a full cycle DeFi Ecosystem

    What Is a Liquidity Provider?
    A liquidity provider is a user who funds a liquidity pool with crypto assets she owns to facilitate trading on the platform and earn passive income on her deposit.

    Now liquidity providers have a unique chance to get significant amounts of LP tokens even with modest investments. The platform was recently launched and is increasing in volume every day.

    The investments are safe as DeFi AMMOB blockchain protocol guarantee that all the invested assets can be claim at any time.

    How much liquidity providers are paid is based on the percentage of the liquidity pool that they provide. When funding the pool, they are usually required to fund two different assets to enable traders to switch between one to the other by trading them in pairs.

    Profit Opportunities Unique to On-Chain Market Making with Order Book
    AMMOB Market Making refers to providing liquidity on BitShares blockchain, which means that the token price quoting, order matching, and trade settlement all happens directly on the blockchain itself.

    The XBTS DeFi AMMOB goal is to make it much easier and faster to onboard market makers to on-chain market making, provide all the tooling, education, and support they need.

    The XBTS Dex BitShares-based on-chain DeFi AMMOB model has the following benefits:

    Transaction speed: BitShares’ blockchain offers transaction speeds of less than 3 seconds to conclude.
    Decentralization: The BitShares blockchain is fully decentralized which ensures users are protected. Hacking is impossible.
    Low transaction costs: BitShares offers special solutions that make transactions in the system very cheap.

    It is a very easy to get acquainted with XBTS DEX.
    Just visit https://app.xbts.io/ and start trading, investing into liquidity pools and staking assets in a few clicks.


    Investing in DeFi AMMOB Pools - Step by Step Guide

    Step 1: Open XBTS DeFi Wallet web APP and register or import your account.

    The exchange runs on the BitShares blockchain, so you can import your XBTS https://xbts.io or BitShares account. Only you have access to your account. The app does not store your data. XBTS DeFi Wallet is a Progressive Apps. We used modern APIs along with traditional progressive enhancement strategy to create cross-platform Web/ Online/Desktop XBTS DeFi Wallet.

    The XBTS DeFi Wallet never holds or has any access to your funds — you are in total control of your private keys.


    We built the Pin-code system that stops any form of data sniffing or keyloggers. The Pin-code is built into the XBTS DeFi wallet itself with ability to custom selected Pin-code for the ultimate level of wallet protection. The Pin-code is converted to a SHA-384 hash and encrypts itself using AES algorithms.


    Step 2: Go to the “DeFi AMMOB” section.

    The list of pools is displayed on the Defi AMMOB page. The list of pools presented in this section work according to the AMMOB protocol. The application displays a whitelist of pools.

    Step 3: Select a pool.
    You can select any pool you want.


    Step 4: Press “Stake” button.

    You can specify the amount you want to add to the pool. The system automatically calculates how many A and B tokens are needed.

    You need to only enter one value, the second will be automatically calculated based on the current pool ratio

    You can pre-calculate how much you need to deposit in order to get the desired percentage. To start participating in the pool and becoming a liquidity provider - Click "Add to Stake".

    In the application, you can see the last operations that took place in the pool. Every swap transaction or adding/withdraw liquidity, is recorded on the BitShares blockchain and can be tracked in the Block Explorer.


    Step 5: Go to the "My Tokens" section

    Your Stake in various liquidity pools and the amount of LP tokens in each pool are displayed here.

    Click to view the selected pool. You can calculate your share and claim tokens at any time.


    Step 6: Trade section
    Here you can buy, sell, exchange the selected asset.
    It is a fast way to swap cryptocurrency at market price.


    Step 7: Wallet
    The wallet section displays all the assets that are on your balance.


    Step 8: Deposit/Withdraw
    You can make a Deposit or Withdrawal of any asset by clicking Deposit or Withdraw.

    The XBTS exchange supports the Deposit and Withdrawal on native blockchains of coins as well as cross-chain bridges with other exchange blockchains: Binance Chain BEP2, Huobi Eco Chain HECO, Waves blockchain, Ethereum blockchain.

    Just select the blockchain through which you want to make a Deposit or Withdrawal. Different blockchains have different fees.



    XBTS DeFi AMMOB https://app.xbts.io/
    XBTS Decentralized Exchange https://xbts.io

    Follow us on social media to stay up to date!

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/XBTS_EXCHANGE
    Telegram: https://t.me/xbtsio
    Github: https://github.com/XBTS
    Hive: https://hive.blog/@xbts
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/xbtsdex/
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/xbtsdexteam/
    BitcoinTalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4810122
    BitsharesTalk: https://bitsharestalk.org/index.php?topic=26813.0

    Disclaimer. XBTS DeFi AMMOB is a technical platform based on public AMMOB code on BitShares Splash 5.0 release that implement an automatic market maker order book algorithm for exchanging digital assets. Trading and investment decisions are made at the risk of platform users.

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    DeFi AMMOB - DeFi with Automated Market Maker Order Book

    XBTS decentralized exchange presents, Universal DeFi platform on BitShares blockchain with Fair Distribution of Profit and Blockchain Protection of Liquidity Providers.

    Welcome to the Future of DeFi!

    DeFi AMMOB https://app.xbts.io


    XBTS Decentralized Exchange
    Safely! Instantly! Simply!

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    alt text

    XBTS Dex presents SmartHolder Staking Program, a locked staking high-yield activity https://xbts.io/smart-holder
    Increase your crypto portfolio regardless of how the market moves!

    Stake your STH SmartHoldem to earn up to 50% of Total XBTS Dex trading proceeds.

    How to get an coin for staking: Buy SmartHoldem STH on XBTS https://ex.xbts.io/market/XBTSX.STH_BTS or fund your XBTS account with SmartHoldem STH coins

    Staking. Stake SmartHoldem STH Coin https://ex.xbts.io/asset/XBTSX.STH/ in the SmartHolder section XBTS UI https://ex.xbts.io/

    Earn rewards. Rewards on the staking are made twice a month in coins/tokens traded at the XBTS exchange.

    How are Staking Rewards Generated:
    Everyone who stakes their STH coins is entitled to get up rewards to 50% of Total XBTS trading profit. Trading Profit refers to All Trading Transactions: Withdrawal, Submitting orders, Fees charged for Buy and Sale of an assets from an exchange.

    During the stake period, you Automatically take part in distribution of XBTS Trading Profit.
    When a coin reaches 100% in staking, it is ready for payment and will be paid to the SmartHolders on the day of payment.

    For example, if Bitcoin scored 100%, then Bitcoin (XBTSX.BTC) will be distributed among the SmartHolders in accordance with personal staking percentages https://xbts.io/smart-holder

    alt text

    Payments are made 1st and 15th day of each month in coins/tokens traded at the XBTS exchange. They are credited to your XBTS Account in the BitShares blockchain and become available for use immediately.

    By staking you confirm the freezing of SmartHoldem STH coins in the BitShares blockchain for a selected period: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months.

    Staking is a blockchain vesting transaction that cannot be unfrozen until the end of the period. During the staking period you automatically take part in the payout distributions. After the deposit period ends, interest is not accrued, you can return your STH balance by pressing 'Claim Now' button

    alt text

    How the bonus calculation system works:

    When choosing the stake period, XBTS adds a bonus of up to 100% to each stake. The bonus increase is used only for calculating the percentage of trading profit when distributing Smartholder Staking payments.

    The percentage of profit from XBTS trading fees is distributed depending on the weight of your Stake. For example, when choosing depositing for 6 months, the weight of your Stake increases by 50%, for 12 months — by 100%.

    alt text

    The longer the period (duration) of the Stake, the greater the payout rate.
    More information on the https://xbts.io/smart-holder/

    Why SmartHoldem STH?
    SmartHoldem Coin [STH] is a core asset of the XBTS Dex https://ex.xbts.io/asset/XBTSX.STH.
    STH has many options for use: for paying fees for transactions on the XBTS exchange, SmartHOLDER Staking Program and Blockchain Voting.
    STH is a native coin for Decentralized platform SmartHoldem https://smartholdem.io/.
    STH use in DApps, ANTiBounty Twitter Promo Service, DexGames and Decentralized SmartHoldem Blockchain Poker Room - Open Beta on https://playpoker.pro

    You can Stake SmartHoldem STH that you have deposited into the XBTS decentralized exchange https://xbts.io/

    Interest Calculation Period: Instantly after Locked Staking is confirmed in BitShares blockchain to the end of the corresponding period.
    Interest Payout Time: 1st and 15th day of each month. Earn Rewards by staking SmartHoldem STH coins on XBTS Dex.

    XBTS Dex is a BitShares-based decentralized exchange and an entry point into the volumes of decentralized markets.

    alt text

    XBTS Decentralized Exchange https://xbts.io
    Safely! Instantly! Simply!

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    Release BitShares Core "Splash" 5.1.0

    alt text

    The Core software is used to build the validation nodes that perform consensus of all transactions on the BitShares blockchain.
    This release includes additions, improvements and bug fixes but does not include any changes to the consensus protocol.

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    alt text

    Wednesday – The BitShares blockchain and Committee announced the BitShares BitAssets1.0 ‘Reloaded’.

    BitShares will once again have committee owned, market-pegged, collateral-backed assets – this time, operating ‘as nature intended’. The idea of these new fixed price assets re-establishes the rules to ensure the truest of stablecoins for BitShares

    (See this BitShares Talk thread to apply as oracle)


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    DeFi users - say goodbye to high ETH gas fees and hello to Decentralized DPoS BitShares Automated Market Maker (AMM)!!!
    The decentralized AMM BitShares Bringing Confidence Back into DeFi.
    DeFi's future has come!

    alt text

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    BitShares Mainnet 5.0 "Splash" upgrade complete!
    Trading, withdrawals, deposits and other account functions on the XBTS exchange work as usual.
    Thanks for your support during this temporary upgrade period.

    alt text

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    alt text

    See on Youtube https://youtu.be/lAdv1Qg80jY

    BitShares 4.0. Voting system.
    BitShares is based on a delegated proof-of-stake system.
    Delegates are elected by BitShares holders.

    For newly registered accounts, the voting weight is zero, and the votes will only take effect after actively voting. After each active update of the vote, the voting weight is updated to 100%, and the voting weight is reduced by 12.5% ​​on the 360th day, and then 12.5% ​​of the total weight is decayed every 45 days, and the voting is completely invalid on the 675th day.
    This addresses concerns with centralization that have plagued DPoS in the past. Potential forging delegates can run instances of the Bitshares Node and campaign for forging status by gathering vote weight from token holders.

    You can buy BTS through the BitShares wallet or on any crypto exchange that supports BTS.

    Read More: https://bitsharestalk.org/index.php?topic=32546.0

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    alt text

    Trading pairs: SCH/BTS, SCH/SKY, SCH/BTC, SCH/ETH and other pairs are Available!
    Welcome to XBTS!

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    BitShares 5.0 will be activated on September 30, 2020

    🔵The key feature in BitShares 5.0 is Automated Market making (AMM) aka liquidity pooling & mining https://github.com/bitshares/bitshares-core/issues/2260
    🔵All changes: https://github.com/bitshares/bitshares-core/milestone/31

    🔵More details https://bitsharestalk.org/index.php?topic=32629.0

    🔵BTS将于2020年9月30日升级到BitShares 5.0版本,开通流量池自动做市挖矿,同时支持订单簿和恒定乘积做市商(Constant Product Market Maker, CPMM)模型的AMM。


    🔵BitShares 5.0 https://github.com/bitshares/bitshares-core/milestone/31

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    See on Youtube https://youtu.be/lAdv1Qg80jY

    BitShares 4.0. Voting system.

    BitShares is based on a delegated proof-of-stake system.

    Delegates are elected by BitShares holders.

    For newly registered accounts, the voting weight is zero, and the votes will only take effect after actively voting. After each active update of the vote, the voting weight is updated to 100%, and the voting weight is reduced by 12.5% ​​on the 360th day, and then 12.5% ​​of the total weight is decayed every 45 days, and the voting is completely invalid on the 675th day.

    This addresses concerns with centralization that have plagued DPoS in the past. Potential forging delegates can run instances of the Bitshares Node and campaign for forging status by gathering vote weight from token holders.

    You can buy BTS through the BitShares wallet or on any crypto exchange that supports BTS.

    Read More: https://bitsharestalk.org/index.php?topic=32546.0