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    In the modern world, IT companies cannot actively develop without using various services. This article discusses five popular business services that are in demand in the IT sector: Digital Ocean, Figma, Introserv, WorldWall and Zoom, and also provides a list of payment methods for them in the conditions of restrictions on the acceptance of Russian bank cards, including a convenient and fast payment method via GetPayAll.
    Digital Ocean

    Digital Ocean is a leading shared hosting provider providing a wide range of cloud solutions for storing data and running applications. The company has established itself as a reliable and innovative resource provider, providing the user with flexible options when working with cloud services.

    One of the key features of Digital Ocean is its ease of use. The platform's interface is designed to meet the needs of both experienced developers and beginners, allowing you to access cloud resources in just a few simple steps. A seamless, intuitive control panel makes working with Digital Ocean as efficient as possible, allowing users to focus on building and deploying applications.


    Figma is a popular tool for interface design and prototyping. One of the main advantages of Figma is its main function - the possibility of collaboration. Users can work on one project at a time, which significantly speeds up and simplifies the development process.


    Introserv is a service for creating and managing contact centers. The platform allows you to automate various business processes related to communication with clients, which allows IT companies to increase operational efficiency and quality of service.



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