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    XBTS Exchange Rebranding. New Logo! Welcome to XBTS Cross-Chain Dex!

    XBTS aims to make DEX more accessible to everyone!

    XBTS's vision is to create a trust-less, decentralized, safely and fast trading platform for the benefit of the majority. This is our spirit and our most important goal.

    It has recently become apparent that our current branding was getting in the way of reaching the people, that in order to realize our vision, after careful consideration and weighing every argument, we need to change our logo - Orange Cicada.

    We realized that we needed a modern logo that would meet the challenges of the cryptocurrency industry and visually represent the platform's Blockchain/Cross-chain/DeFi/GameFi technologies.

    Our new logo is a modern visual style and has an essential role to play in simplifying and explaining how cryptocurrency, cross-chain technologies, and trading platform works.

    We believe that rebranding the logo of the XBTS exchange is a timely historical decision that shows how the exchange is transforming over time and developing in a positive direction.

    From the moment this information is published, we will begin the process of updating the interface of the exchange, trading applications, and replacing the old logo with a new logo. The following will also be updated: the website of the exchange, the DeFi interface, the design of social networks, instructions. This process will take some time. We believe that rebranding the logo is an important and timely decision.

    The rebranding will not affect the operation of the XBTS exchange in any way.

    XBTS Cross-Chain Dex & DeFi


    Safely! Instantly! Simply!

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