Updating the BTSDEX 0.4.8 library

  • Team

    The btsdex library is designed to automate operations in a decentralized network of bitshares, can be used to create personal trading bots.


    npm install btsdex

    Basic examples and functions in WIKI BTSDEX

    Source code is available https://github.com/scientistnik/btsdex

    Additional functions:

    • ** memoDecode ** (decoding memo)
    // decoding example
    const BitShares = require("btsdex");
    BitShares.subscribe('connected', start);
    KEY = '5K...PrivateKey';
    SENDER = 'sender_name';
    async function start() {
        let bot = new BitShares(SENDER, KEY);
        let memo_text = await bot.memoDecode({
            "from": "BTS5...sender_address",
            "nonce": 192135435365768,
            "message": "b897254f..."
    • assetIssue (release of an asset)

    • assetReserve (asset burning)

    The development of the library continues...

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