New SmartHolder staking schedule of payout

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    SmartHolder interface update.

    SmartHolder is a staking system for traders and STH holders.

    50% of XBTS trading profits are distributed among traders who stake SmartholdemCoin $STH .

    • Deposit payments are made every two weeks in the coins / tokens in which trading on the exchange. SmartHoldem Coin (STH) is the core Core XBTS DEX asset.
      List of coins / tokens for payouts
      Payout Period Reports >View Latest Reports<

    • A new schedule of reports on Fees in real time displays statistics on the accumulation of fees from trading operations on the XBTS Exchange.

    Assets with a pool of commissions that have reached the quorum 100%+ are ready for payment in the current round.

    If the quorum is not reached in the current round, the pool of commissions is transferred to the next and summed.

    The best conditions for long-term SmartHolder!


    Now the schedule displays all the coins.

    Next to each coins there is a symbol of accumulation of a pool of payments.

    • If there is a green check mark, then the coin is ready to be paid and will be paid in the current round of payments.

    • if there is a red arrow, it means accumulation of a pool of payments on the coin.

    in the schedule below you can see the % procent of each coin required for payments in a period.

    • If the coin has not gained enough pool for payments in the current period, it is transferred to the next period and will be paid out in the next period.

    Payment period - every 15 days.