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    XBTS Dex presents SmartHolder Staking Program, a locked staking high-yield activity https://xbts.io/smart-holder
    Increase your crypto portfolio regardless of how the market moves!

    Stake your STH SmartHoldem to earn up to 50% of Total XBTS Dex trading proceeds.

    How to get an coin for staking: Buy SmartHoldem STH on XBTS https://ex.xbts.io/market/XBTSX.STH_BTS or fund your XBTS account with SmartHoldem STH coins

    Staking. Stake SmartHoldem STH Coin https://ex.xbts.io/asset/XBTSX.STH/ in the SmartHolder section XBTS UI https://ex.xbts.io/

    Earn rewards. Rewards on the staking are made twice a month in coins/tokens traded at the XBTS exchange.

    How are Staking Rewards Generated:
    Everyone who stakes their STH coins is entitled to get up rewards to 50% of Total XBTS trading profit. Trading Profit refers to All Trading Transactions: Withdrawal, Submitting orders, Fees charged for Buy and Sale of an assets from an exchange.

    During the stake period, you Automatically take part in distribution of XBTS Trading Profit.
    When a coin reaches 100% in staking, it is ready for payment and will be paid to the SmartHolders on the day of payment.

    For example, if Bitcoin scored 100%, then Bitcoin (XBTSX.BTC) will be distributed among the SmartHolders in accordance with personal staking percentages https://xbts.io/smart-holder

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    Payments are made 1st and 15th day of each month in coins/tokens traded at the XBTS exchange. They are credited to your XBTS Account in the BitShares blockchain and become available for use immediately.

    By staking you confirm the freezing of SmartHoldem STH coins in the BitShares blockchain for a selected period: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months.

    Staking is a blockchain vesting transaction that cannot be unfrozen until the end of the period. During the staking period you automatically take part in the payout distributions. After the deposit period ends, interest is not accrued, you can return your STH balance by pressing 'Claim Now' button

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    How the bonus calculation system works:

    When choosing the stake period, XBTS adds a bonus of up to 100% to each stake. The bonus increase is used only for calculating the percentage of trading profit when distributing Smartholder Staking payments.

    The percentage of profit from XBTS trading fees is distributed depending on the weight of your Stake. For example, when choosing depositing for 6 months, the weight of your Stake increases by 50%, for 12 months — by 100%.

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    The longer the period (duration) of the Stake, the greater the payout rate.
    More information on the https://xbts.io/smart-holder/

    Why SmartHoldem STH?
    SmartHoldem Coin [STH] is a core asset of the XBTS Dex https://ex.xbts.io/asset/XBTSX.STH.
    STH has many options for use: for paying fees for transactions on the XBTS exchange, SmartHOLDER Staking Program and Blockchain Voting.
    STH is a native coin for Decentralized platform SmartHoldem https://smartholdem.io/.
    STH use in DApps, ANTiBounty Twitter Promo Service, DexGames and Decentralized SmartHoldem Blockchain Poker Room - Open Beta on https://playpoker.pro

    You can Stake SmartHoldem STH that you have deposited into the XBTS decentralized exchange https://xbts.io/

    Interest Calculation Period: Instantly after Locked Staking is confirmed in BitShares blockchain to the end of the corresponding period.
    Interest Payout Time: 1st and 15th day of each month. Earn Rewards by staking SmartHoldem STH coins on XBTS Dex.

    XBTS Dex is a BitShares-based decentralized exchange and an entry point into the volumes of decentralized markets.

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    XBTS Decentralized Exchange https://xbts.io
    Safely! Instantly! Simply!

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    Skycoin Coin Hours $SCH added to the SmartHOLDER staking program on the XBTS exchange!


    Get up to 50% of the XBTS DEX trading proceeds! Get profit from XBTS twice a month!
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    Update to the functionality of the XBTS Dex exchange website

    Trading page with data on real-time trading volumes is available. The top 10 coins with the largest volumes are now displayed on the main page of the exchange website and allow you to analyze even more options for cryptocurrency arbitrage!

    Now you don`t need to enter the system to find out which are the most liquid pairs and which coins have the highest trading volumes. Any coin can get to the Top on the XBTS website mainpage based on its trading volume.

    XBTS Dex https://xbts.io/ is an even more friendly and comfortable decentralized exchange for users.
    Best regards,
    XBTS DEX Team


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    SmartHolder receive payments for staking on the 1st and 15th of each month.
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    SmartHolder interface update.

    SmartHolder is a staking system for traders and STH holders.

    50% of XBTS trading profits are distributed among traders who stake SmartholdemCoin $STH .

    Deposit payments are made every two weeks in the coins / tokens in which trading on the exchange. SmartHoldem Coin (STH) is the core Core XBTS DEX asset.
    List of coins / tokens for payouts https://xbts.io/smartholder.html
    Payout Period Reports >View Latest Reports<

    A new schedule of reports on Fees in real time displays statistics on the accumulation of fees from trading operations on the XBTS Exchange.

    Assets with a pool of commissions that have reached the quorum 100%+ are ready for payment in the current round.

    If the quorum is not reached in the current round, the pool of commissions is transferred to the next and summed.

    The best conditions for long-term SmartHolder!


    Now the schedule displays all the coins.

    Next to each coins there is a symbol of accumulation of a pool of payments.

    If there is a green check mark, then the coin is ready to be paid and will be paid in the current round of payments.

    if there is a red arrow, it means accumulation of a pool of payments on the coin.

    in the schedule below you can see the % procent of each coin required for payments in a period.

    If the coin has not gained enough pool for payments in the current period, it is transferred to the next period and will be paid out in the next period.

    Payment period - every 15 days.