Scaled Multi Orders. Interface update

  • Team

    XBTS Dex exchange interface updated.
    The exchange does everything to make it convenient and comfortable for users to trade.

    Meet new useful features:

    • added button market depth

    • added scaled multi orders

    • update translations

    What is a scalable order for?
    Conveniently and quickly place a large number of orders with a gradation of prices.
    The ability to make trading more efficient.


    How a scaled order works:
    You can create as many orders what you need in One Click.
    You can specify the price that is beneficial to you.

    Flat is a strategy for allocating the amount of orders.
    In the future, more strategies will be added to distribute the total amount on orders.

    When creating a scaled order:

    1. You select the pair to which you are creating orders.
    2. Specify the amount at which you want to buy or sell a cryptocurrency.
      The system distributes the amount into the orders you specified.
      You can see in the preview how your orders will look like.
    3. If you like everything - you click "Exchange submit".

    Your scaled multi orders are ready!

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