Blockchain SmartHoldem 2.0 Launches on Mainnet

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    🌟 Blockchain SmartHoldem 2.0 Launches on Mainnet πŸš€

    πŸ“† Mark your calendars! The moment we've all been waiting for has arrived. We proudly announce the official launch date for SmartHoldem Core 2.0: Tuesday, August 29th, 2023. Get ready to witness a new era as our ship sets sail into the vast seas of decentralization.

    The Mainnet 2.0 launch follows the years of continuous development with steady testing and product optimization.

    Outstanding Processing Performance
    SmartHoldem Testnet has achieved unparalleled innovation processing 5 529 600 000 operations per day and handling 21 600 000 daily transactions.
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    πŸ’Ž SmartHoldem Network now officially moves onto the next phase, announcing the highly anticipated launch of SmartHoldem Network Mainnet. This significant achievement represents its revolutionary footprint into the Web3 space and ambition in becoming one of the leading gaming and mining platform focused around Web 3.0 gaming, NFTs, dApps, DeFi, Dex, and much more.
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    Brace yourself for a truly refined and robust backbone that will drive SmartHoldem platform forward.

    What is SmartHoldem 2.0?
    SmartHoldem 2.0 is a next-generation open-source hybrid blockchain platform based on the world's first consensus mechanism with a unique combination of Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) and Proof of SpaceTime (PoSt) algorithms.

    SmartHoldem 2.0 is a fundamental change in the structure of the platform, which solves the well-known trilemma in the world of cryptocurrencies, consisting of 3 main tasks - security, scalability and decentralization. SmartHoldem has managed to find an approach that solves the blockchain trilemma without any compromise.

    🌌 Discover the New Core
    SmartHoldem DPoS Core 2.0 includes new transaction types such as multiple payments, game transactions, multi-signatures, crypto-signatures, second passphrase, burn transactions, registration transactions, IPFS hash transactions, hashed time-lock contract (HTLC), advanced crypto function protocol with zero knowledge (Zero-Knowledge Proof), delegate resignation and copyright registration.

    🧩 Modular Design, Elevated Flexibility
    We've discarded the conventional step-by-step approach of v1 and embraced a lightweight, modular architecture. This allows seamless extension of various aspects of the SmartHoldem codebase.

    πŸ“š The Path to Clarity
    Our journey at SmartHoldem has revolved around a simple truth - clear and comprehensible code is the key to its expansiveness. Every change we've made reflects our commitment to accessibility and extensibility, as we endeavor to create the premier green blockchain apps development platform worldwide.

    πŸ’Ό Dynamic Fee Structure
    One of the most pronounced enhancements for end users resides in the integration of dynamic fees corresponding to diverse transaction categories. This empowering feature extends to users ans developers who now possess the flexibility to fine-tune and remit fees in accordance with their individual preferences and transaction attributes.

    βš™οΈ Unleash the Power
    Be a witness to a surge in throughput with increased Transactions per Second (TPS) and Transactions per Block (TPB). Transactions that can be included in a single block are increased from 50 to 500. This is not a TPS limit and can be raised in the future by growing demand.
    The capability to elevate this threshold with ease underscores the platform's adaptability and forward-looking architecture.
    Emphatically, this enhancement stands as an open gateway to further scalability, emphasizing the malleability of our platform for future advances.

    πŸ’± The Era of Multipayments
    Seamlessly bundle multiple payments in a single transaction, a more efficient way to send funds. Prepare to navigate the SmartHoldem network with unprecedented ease. Multipayments that can be included in a single transaction are increased to 256. This is not an OPS limit and can be easily raised in the future.

    We aim to build a robust, decentralized, and high-performance blockchain network, fostering widespread adoption and driving innovation across various digital domains.

    ⏰ Mainnet Timeline
    Before the launch of Mainnet, a snapshot of the blockchain will be made, which will allow for a soft transfer of account balances from the old network to the SmartHoldem 2.0 network.
    On August 27, the SmartHoldem wallet, website and other platform services will be disabled. At the time of the update, you can transfer SmartHoldem STH to your account on the XBTS exchange or do nothing and wait for the blockchain update process to complete.

    Once the Mainnet is launched, the block explorer for the new network will be launched, where you can check your accounts. During the first week, a new SmartHoldem Online Wallet will be launched.

    🎯 Navigating the Transition
    On August 29, 2023 SmartHoldem devs with validators will coordinate to effectuate the migration to the new Core.
    This is a a totally new blockchain, which means that it will NOT be backwards compatible with the old code. Old nodes will NOT be able to communicate with new nodes, as they will be automatically banned.

    As part of the first phase, SmartHoldem' 21 initial validators will begin taking operations of all nodes and ensuring that SmartHoldem DPoS Layer 1 can maintain stable performance.

    πŸ† SmartHoldem 2.0 Validator Program
    Taking the final steps of Mainnet preparation, SmartHoldem Network is recruiting 21 validators for the genesis block. Global developers, crypto enthusiasts and delegates from Top 64 can get involved with the SmartHoldem 2.0 Mainnet launch. This activity is designed to cultivate the network’s general growth and decentralization. Registration is open until August 25, 2023, 0:00 (UTC).
    Technical specification for SmartHoldem Node: 16GB RAM, CPU 4, 64GB HDD

    ➑️To become a network validator fill out this form

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