BTS Giveaway! Great Crypto Event! Earn Free BTS!

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    💸 Great Crypto Event!!! 💸Welcome to BTS Giveaway!!! 💸 Rewards for Bitshares new users!!!

    👍 Join To The XBTS DEX Telegram Group To Get BTS! 💸💸💸

    🤩More participants🤑 More rewards!
    🥳Invite your friends 🤗 Earn together!

    ✅Join XBTS Telegram group:

    ✅Write in the chat - givememoney: Your XBTS or Bitshares wallet address and receive BTS!
    Example - givememoney:superhero

    ✅Earn BTS cryptocurrency!

    🎉If You're New Here - Register on Dex in seconds:
    You can create Bitshares wallet
    You can create XBTS Dex wallet Here

    Be in touch!

    🤖Chat With Mr.BTS ROBOT:

    /xbts help
    For receive BTS write: givememoney YourBitSharesAccount
    You can receive BTS 1 time in 30 days

    /xbts info

    /xbts bitshares
    Bitshares BTS Coin Info:
    Rank/Price/Volume day/Marketcap/Change24h

    /xbts sth
    SmartHodlem STH Coin Info:
    Rank/Price/Volume day/Marketcap/Change24h

    About XBTS
    XBTS DEX is a BitShares-based decentralized exchange and an entry point into the volumes of decentralized markets.