SmartHoldem 2.0 DELEGATES

Delegates are at the heart of DPoS’s public SmartHoldem Blockchain. Active delegates are those from the community who have been elected and authorized to forge STH coins

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    How to become a delegate in the SmartHoldem 2.0 network and start earning fees

    SmartHoldem 2.0 is a next-generation open-source hybrid blockchain platform based on the world's first consensus mechanism with a unique combination of Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) and Proof of SpaceTime (PoSt) algorithms.

    SmartHoldem 2.0: Blockchain Innovations

    Become a delegate in the SmartHoldem 2.0 network:

    Delegates play a central role in the public SmartHoldem DpoS Layer l blockchain.
    Active delegates are community representatives elected and authorized to sign blocks.

    You can become a delegate on the Smartholdem blockchain and earn rewards by supporting the network. To do so, you need to install a Node, according to the technical requirements, and get the required votes to enter the top 21 best delegates There is no limit to the number of decentralized Nodes outside the Top 21.

    If you think you can contribute, help secure the network, and add value to the SmartHoldem ecosystem, find out how to become a delegate.

    DPoS SmartHoldem Blockchain

    Smartholdem Layer l blockchain runs on the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) consensus algorithm with Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT). This ensures that blocks are always completed and can never be reverted.


    Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) is a blockchain consensus mechanism in which network users vote and select delegates to verify blocks.

    SmartHoldem Delegates

    The top 21 delegates according to the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) algorithm check transactions every 8 seconds, create new blocks, maintain the SmartHoldem network, and receive rewards for each signed block.

    There can only be 21 active delegates in SmartHoldem DPOS, other registered delegates are on standby. They can replace active delegates who have gone offline and join the top 21 active delegates.

    The delegate system is extremely competitive because a delegate can move into or out of the top position of the Top 21 at any time. This sustainable scheme allows new delegates to prove themselves, gain the community's attention, and enter the Top 21 at any time if the community votes a new delegate into an active position.

    Delegate Rewards

    The delegate who signs the block receives ALL NETWORK FEES for the transactions included in that block. Different transactions have their fees on the Smartholdem blockchain. For example, if a block includes 500 standard transactions, the delegate will earn up to 500 STH. If the block includes no transactions, the delegate will earn nothing for that block. If the block includes a delegate registration transaction, the delegate will earn 10,000 STH.

    List of fees on the SmartHoldem blockchain

    SmartHoldem DPoS blockchain includes new transaction types such as multiple payments, gaming transactions, multi-signatures, crypto-signatures, second passphrase, burn transactions, registration transactions, IPFS hash transactions, hashed time-locked contract (HTLC), Zero-Knowledge Proofs transactions, delegate resignation, and copyright registration.

    Read More - SmartHoldem 2.0: Blockchain Innovations.
    There is no emission in the SmartHoldem blockchain level 1 (DPOS). There are no additional rewards other than transaction fees. SmartHoldem has a developer fund and you can offer your application on the SmartHoldem blockchain and qualify for rewards from the fund.

    Become a SmartHoldem delegate:

    Anyone can become a SmartHoldem delegate.
    All you need is a reliable server and active participation in the SmartHoldem community.

    Delegates are highly valued for their crucial role in securing the SmartHoldem registry. Elected delegates represent SmartHoldem coin holders by suggesting ideas or changes to the network and contributing to the improvement of the ecosystem.

    Anyone can manage a SmartHoldem node and register a delegate. However, only delegates in the top 21 can form (create) new blocks and get rewarded in SmartHoldem STH.

    One of the reasons to become a SmartHoldem delegate is to be part of an innovative and cutting-edge team and to be rewarded and highly respected in our community because of their critical functions.

    Getting started with SmartHoldem is easy with step-by-step guides and a supportive community for everyone, regardless of their technical background.

    Connect with the community

    For a delegate, active participation and connection to the community is vital to gaining votes.

    Generating delegate slots is competitive and requires more than just managing a node. Creating new applications based on SmartHoldem, and offering additional services such as code validation, vulnerability reports or community outreach can make the difference between a vote for or against.

    You can also offer voters a percentage of the rewards to get the necessary votes to reach the Top 21. After voting for a Delegate, the voter receives a portion of the Delegate's reward as a reward for voting.
    The reward is measured based on the voter's share of participation, the number of votes, and the percentage of payoffs established by the Delegate.

    To become a Delegate, follow the instructions on our GitHub

    Technical specification:

    To run a SmartHoldem node you will need a dedicated server and preferably a backup server. We recommend using quality networks rather than cheap VPS providers.
    SmartHoldem Node specifications: 16 GB RAM, CPU 4, 64 GB HDD or 32 SDD.

    💻 Installation of SmartHoldem Node

    Registering your delegate: Register your delegate in SmartHoldem Wallet.
    To register your delegate, you need to send a delegate registration transaction worth 10,000 STH from your SmartHoldem Wallet.


    Set up your node. Declare your delegate in the community forum.
    Submit a proposal detailing your network configuration, proposed payout percentage, and additional services. Introduce your delegate to the community! Get SmartHoldem STH:

    You can purchase SmartHoldem STH on exchanges, in DeFi pools, by voting for an already registered delegate who shares rewards, or maybe even by asking nicely.

    Trade SmartHoldem STH on XBTS Dex

    STH DeFi pools SmartHolder Staking

    Trade SmartHoldem STH on Xeggex

    SmartHoldem platform

    GitHub SmartHoldem

    SmartHoldem Online Wallet

    Blockchain Explorer

    SmartHoldem Telegram

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    Самая надёжная сеть в мире! Smartholdem.

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    Предложение Делегата EUROPA

    Конфигурация серверов:

    Delegate main server
    Intel® Xeon® E5-2689 v4 (cores 10, threads 20)
    SSD 500GB (2xSSD SATA 500 GB Datacenter)
    RAM 64 GB (4xRAM 16384 MB DDR4 ECC)
    1 Gbit/s
    Location Germany

    Backup Server
    Intel Xeon E3-1275v5 (cores 4)
    SSD 512GB (2xSSD SATA 512 GB Datacenter)
    RAM 64 GB (4xRAM 16384 MB DDR4 ECC)
    1 Gbit/s
    Location Germany

    Работа Делегата должна приносить пользу всему сообществу.
    Чем больше людей узнают о SmartHoldem через рекламу и сервисы, тем больше людей присоединяться к сообществу и начнут использовать децентрализованные инструменты, которые предоставляет платформа.

    Весь доход от Ноды я буду инвестировать в поддержку инфраструктуры и рекламу. Я считаю, что такой подход правильный и нужен всему сообществу. Я надеюсь, что другие Делегаты также присоединятся к продвижению децентрализованных технологий и расширению сообщества SmartHoldem.

    Немного о себе: Я являюсь со-фаундером платформы SmartHoldem. С 2017 мы идем по пути устойчивого развития децентрализованных технологий. SmartHoldem 2.0 - это первый в мире блокчейн с уникальным консенсусом DPoS+PoSt.
    В SmartHoldem 2.0 мы уделили особое внимание скорости, масштабируемости и удобству использования. Нам удалось решить известную трилемму блокчейнов, проведя множество исследований, тестов и разработок.

    Подробнее о SmartHoldem 2.0

    Как проголосовать:

    Войдите в свой кошелек SmartHoldem Нажмите Vote Введите имя делегата Нажмите "Проголосовать за Делегата"


    Важно! Вам не нужно куда-либо отправлять STH. Ваши монеты остаются на вашем балансе. Голосование за Делегата происходит силой вашего голоса.
    Каждый держатель STH имеет возможность голосовать и выбирать делегатов.

    Если у вас нет времени или ресурсов для активного участия в развитии платформы, вы можете сделать так, чтобы ваш голос был услышан, делегировав право голоса избранному делегату.

    Голосуйте за делегата EUROPA

    Все активные делегаты отображаются в обозревателе блоков, в разделе Delegate Monitor

    Спасибо за ваши голоса и поддержку!
    С уважением, Europa

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    Delegate Proposal EUROPA

    Server Configuration:

    Delegate main server
    Intel® Xeon® E5-2689 v4 (cores 10, threads 20)
    SSD 500GB (2xSSD SATA 500 GB Datacenter)
    RAM 64 GB (4xRAM 16384 MB DDR4 ECC)
    1 Gbit/s
    Location Germany

    Backup Server
    Intel Xeon E3-1275v5 (cores 4)
    SSD 512GB (2xSSD SATA 512 GB Datacenter)
    RAM 64 GB (4xRAM 16384 MB DDR4 ECC)
    1 Gbit/s
    Location Germany

    The Delegate's work should benefit the entire community.
    The more people learn about SmartHoldem through advertising and services, the more people will join the community and start using the decentralized tools the platform provides.

    I will invest all the revenue from Node in infrastructure support and advertising. I believe this approach is the right one and is needed by the whole community. I hope that other Delegates will also join in promoting decentralized technology and expanding the SmartHoldem community.

    A little about myself: I am a co-founder of the SmartHoldem platform. Since 2017, we have been on the path of sustainable development of decentralized technologies. SmartHoldem 2.0 is the world's first blockchain with a unique DPoS+PoSt consensus. In SmartHoldem 2.0 we have focused on speed, scalability, and usability. We have managed to solve the well-known blockchain trilemma through a lot of research, testing, and development.

    Read more about SmartHoldem 2.0

    How to vote:

    Log in to your SmartHoldem wallet Click Vote Enter the delegate's name
    -Click Vote for Delegate


    Important! You do not need to send STH anywhere. Your coins remain on your balance. Voting for a Delegate is done by the power of your vote.
    Every STH holder can vote and select delegates.

    If you don't have the time or resources to actively participate in the development of the platform, you can make your voice heard by delegating your vote to an elected delegate.

    Vote for EUROPA

    All active delegates are displayed in the block explorer, under Delegate Monitor

    Thank you for your votes and support!
    Regards, EUROPA

  • Delegate Proposal cryptoishere

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    Delegate Proposal cryptoishere
    Server Configuration:

    6 vCPU Cores
    16 GB RAM
    400 GB SSD
    400 Mbit/s Connection
    Location Dusseldorf (EU)

    As a dedicated node owner of Sth Core ( and a seasoned web developer, I am deeply committed to the SmartHoldem ecosystem since its inception, having been involved since the very first genesis block.

    The essence of my Delegate Proposal is rooted in fostering community growth and technological advancement. I firmly believe that the prosperity of SmartHoldem hinges on widespread adoption and continuous innovation.

    My pledge is to reinvest all earnings generated from my node into bolstering infrastructure and amplifying outreach efforts. By allocating resources towards infrastructure enhancement and strategic advertising, I aim to catalyze the expansion of SmartHoldem's user base and heighten awareness of its decentralized solutions.

    In essence, my Delegate Proposal embodies a steadfast commitment to propelling SmartHoldem towards greater heights of success, underpinned by a steadfast dedication to innovation, community empowerment, and technological excellence. I earnestly hope to garner your support in advancing the collective vision of a more decentralized and inclusive future.