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    Delegate Proposal EUROPA

    Server Configuration:

    Delegate main server
    Intel® Xeon® E5-2689 v4 (cores 10, threads 20)
    SSD 500GB (2xSSD SATA 500 GB Datacenter)
    RAM 64 GB (4xRAM 16384 MB DDR4 ECC)
    1 Gbit/s
    Location Germany

    Backup Server
    Intel Xeon E3-1275v5 (cores 4)
    SSD 512GB (2xSSD SATA 512 GB Datacenter)
    RAM 64 GB (4xRAM 16384 MB DDR4 ECC)
    1 Gbit/s
    Location Germany

    The Delegate's work should benefit the entire community.
    The more people learn about SmartHoldem through advertising and services, the more people will join the community and start using the decentralized tools the platform provides.

    I will invest all the revenue from Node in infrastructure support and advertising. I believe this approach is the right one and is needed by the whole community. I hope that other Delegates will also join in promoting decentralized technology and expanding the SmartHoldem community.

    A little about myself: I am a co-founder of the SmartHoldem platform. Since 2017, we have been on the path of sustainable development of decentralized technologies. SmartHoldem 2.0 is the world's first blockchain with a unique DPoS+PoSt consensus. In SmartHoldem 2.0 we have focused on speed, scalability, and usability. We have managed to solve the well-known blockchain trilemma through a lot of research, testing, and development.

    Read more about SmartHoldem 2.0

    How to vote:

    Log in to your SmartHoldem wallet Click Vote Enter the delegate's name
    -Click Vote for Delegate


    Important! You do not need to send STH anywhere. Your coins remain on your balance. Voting for a Delegate is done by the power of your vote.
    Every STH holder can vote and select delegates.

    If you don't have the time or resources to actively participate in the development of the platform, you can make your voice heard by delegating your vote to an elected delegate.

    Vote for EUROPA

    All active delegates are displayed in the block explorer, under Delegate Monitor https://blockexplorer.smartholdem.io/#/delegate-monitor

    Thank you for your votes and support!
    Regards, EUROPA

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    @Europa interesting solution. I will vote for it if required for network hardfork