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    How to trade BTS: A Step-by-Step BitShares BTS Trading Guide [2023] How to Trade BitShares BTS

    BTS is a trendy coin among crypto traders. Discover everything you need to know about how to trade BTS through this guide.

    What is BitShares BTS?

    BitShares was built in July 2014 by Dan Larimer (Steem/EOS's co-founder) and Charles Hoskinson (Cardano's founder).

    The BitShares blockchain was the first to implement a Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism, in which token holders can delegate their tokens to validators without running a validating node themselves.

    BitShares is an open-source blockchain designed to provide a more efficient global payment network and is used for securely trading cryptocurrencies without intermediaries.

    BitShares BTS is the core asset of BitShares blockchain. BTS is used for transaction fees, voting, staking, DeFi, and credit offers within the BitShares Network.

    Vitalik Buterin said about BitShares: "BTS is better. They have a built-in decentralized exchange." Oct 11, 2020

    XBTS DEX & DeFi

    Start trading BitShares BTS on XBTS DEX using advanced blockchain trading tools.

    XBTS is a multi-chain decentralized exchange and DeFi platform operating on the BitShares blockchain since 2018.

    devices (2).png

    XBTS Dex and DeFi are used by traders from all over the world. All transactions are recorded in the blockchain, the entire history of your account is available in the Block Explorer.

    Our reliable and user-friendly platform offers all the tools necessary for trading, crypto arbitrage, DeFi, GameFi, staking, exchange, and holding cryptocurrencies.

    XBTS provides a cross-chain bridge system for any trading strategies.


    Quick deposit and withdrawal to/from BNB Smart Chain BSC, Huobi HECO Chain, EOS Chain, Ethereum, and deposit / withdrawal to/from 42 native blockchains.

    XBTS List of Assets & Status https://xbts.io/assets

    Global Crypto Markets
    XBTS users get access from named BitShares blockchain accounts to all exchange functions, multiple markets, DeFi pools, and BitShares blockchain services.

    You can trade BitShares BTS and other cryptocurrencies in any direction. Tremendous choice of trading pairs, over 20000 options. Low fees

    To trade BitShares BTS through XBTS DEX, you need to create an account or import your BitShares account.

    How to sign up with XBTS DEX?

    Create a free account on the XBTS Dex or the DeFi app.



    Account registration takes place in the BitShares blockchain Create a name and save a passphrase generated by a blockchain.

    Your account is your address in BitShares blockchain. A secret phrase is provided by a blockchain during registration, keep it safe!
    The exchange does not keep your keys. Only you can access your account.

    XBTS is a decentralized exchange where you can buy several cryptocurrencies including BitShares. Choose how you want to buy the BitShares BTS.

    Buy BitShares!

    How to buy BitShares (BTS) on XBTS DEX Platform


    📊Search for BitShares on the list of available cryptocurrencies. Use a "Buy Order", choose the amount of BTS to buy, set up other trade details, and confirm the order.


    How to buy BitShares (BTS) on the XBTS DeFi Platform


    The XBTS DeFi platform makes it easy and comfortable to exchange cryptocurrency. To get some BTS coins just follow the instructions below:

    For example, you want to swap HIVE for BTS. Select a pool from the list. Then enter the amount you want to swap.

    🌐BitShares BTS DeFi Liquidity Pools https://app.xbts.io/#/pools?a=bts




    💠Swap in one click!

    Trade as an Informed Market Maker!
    XBTS aggregator monitors all DEX order books and all liquidity pools across DeFi and uses complex algorithms to detect the most favorable prices with the least slippage.

    How to deposit cryptocurrency BitShares BTS

    XBTS platform operates on the BitShares blockchain. Your XBTS account provides access to XBTS DEX ans DeFi trading applications and BitShares blockchain services and interfaces.

    Deposit and withdrawal of BTS differ from other cryptocurrencies. BitShares BTS is the core asset of BitShares blockchain.


    To deposit BTS from other exchanges, always indicate ONLY your account NAME, obtained during registration on the XBTS platform, without additional characters or text, such as bts1, binance, xbtsio, 123, deposit, or any other.

    Your account name is your address in the BitShares blockchain for depositing BTS from other exchanges.


    Airdrop BTS BitShares. Rewards for Every!

    How to Claim BitShares BTS Cryptocurrency:

    Join the XBTS group https://t.me/xbtsio Register on the XBTS exchange: https://ex.xbts.io Write in the chat: givememoney+your account name (for example, givememoney:toptrader1) Done! BTS has been sent to your account! Check your balance!

    You can get BitShares BTS cryptocurrency Weekly!

    XBTS Cross-Chain Dex & DeFi
    Web https://xbts.io
    DEX https://ex.xbts.io
    DeFi https://app.xbts.io
    Safely! Instantly! Simply!

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    XBTS DEX Support Provision
    How do I contact the XBTS DEX support team?
    To get our assistance, you can write an e-mail [email protected] or join our Telegram https://t.me/xbtsio. We monitor the exchange 24/7, and our support team members will do their best to address your issues as soon as possible.

    Trading and Orders. How do I make a deposit?
    To transfer your funds to XBTS DEX from a wallet in any external blockchain (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) or from another exchange (Bittrex, etc.), use the”DEPOSIT” feature.

    Take the following steps:

    Create a new XBTS DEX account https://xbts.io/ or log in to the existing account.
    Go to the ‘Deposit/Withdraw’ page.
    Hit the ‘Deposit’ link in the grid.
    Find and select the asset you’re going to deposit.
    Copy the generated address.
    Send the necessary amount of tokens from your external wallet/another exchange to this address.

    0101Без имени.png

    I’m trying to create an order but it keeps saying that I don’t have enough BTS
    All XBTS DEX users need to pay a fee for creating an order. If you have no or not enough BTS in your account you may select another currency for a fee.

    How do I cancel an order?
    Access your account page on the XBTS DEX and go to the ‘Open Orders’ tab. Click the ‘Cancel’ button in the same row as the transaction you want to cancel. Confirm the cancellation by hitting the ‘Confirm’ button on a pop-up window. Cancelling an order costs a very small fee . If you cancel an order that has not been partially filled, the fee for placing that order will be returned to you, so effectively cancelling an unfilled order will return 90% of the original fee.

    How do I buy and sell CryptoСurrencies?
    Go to this XBTS DEX page https://ex.xbts.io . Dashboard with currencies available for trading is under the navigation bar in the upper The ‘My Markets’ tab gives you easy access to the all the traded assets. Switch between subtabs such as BTC and USD to find the best deals.

    Here is how it works:

    How does Withdrawing work at XBTS DEX?

    To make a deposit or withdrawal , go to https://ex.xbts.io/#/deposit-withdraw

    Select the xbtsx asset you want to withdraw and click ‘Withdraw’ in the same row.
    To transfer your assets from the XBTS DEX account to an external wallet (e.g., a Bitcoin/Ethereum wallet) or to another exchange (e.g., Bittrex), you should use the ‘Withdrawal’ feature.


    A new window with a withdrawal form will pop up. Make sure that you’ve selected the right currency . Fill in all the necessary fields, including the number of tokens you want to withdraw and an external wallet/exchange address where you’re going to send the funds.

    In the ‘Fee’ field , you’ll be shown a fee that will be collected by the BTS network for the transaction. For XBTS fees visit this page: https://ex.xbts.io/#/explorer/fees

    In the ‘Gateway fee’ field , you’ll see the Gateway fee for the transaction. Please make sure that the amount you’re going to withdraw is at least two times larger than the gateway fee for the transaction.
    Click the ‘Withdraw’ button. Confirm your password if you are prompted to do so. Then confirm the transaction to initiate the withdrawal.

    !!! Send amount of tokens you want to receive on XBTS account to address that you have copied.

    XBTS DEX Transfers
    I’m having problems with depositing to XBTS DEX?
    If you’re having trouble depositing funds to XBTS DEX, the problems may arise from a missed step in the process of transferring funds from an external wallet/another exchange to your XBTS DEX account.

    Where can I view an operation ID and transfer details?
    Go to the ‘Dashboard’ page and open the ‘Activity’ tab on it. You’ll see the list of the last 100 transactions together with their IDs.

    Use the dropdown list on the left side of the ‘Activity’ tab to filter the transactions history. The following filters are available:

    Show all;
    Place order;
    Cancel order;
    Fill order;
    Create account;
    Update account;
    Create asset;
    Witness pay withdrawal;
    Withdraw vesting balance.

    I lost access to my account. Can XBTS DEX refund my funds?
    Being a decentralized exchange, we don’t have access to users’ accounts and their login details. If you lose or forget your login credentials or delete or remove your backup files, we won’t be able to restore the access to the XBTS DEX account for you.

    I sent funds to a wrong account at XBTS DEX. How can I get them back?
    We don’t have access to users’ accounts and we cannot cancel any transfer. We recommend that you contacted the XBTS DEX user directly to ask him/her return the funds to you.

    Please double-check account names and addresses before making a transfer.

    ❗️Reminder: Be Cautious About Accepting Proposed Transactions❗️

    Please don’t approve proposed transactions from unknown accounts. They may be trying to get access to your account and balances.
    😎We recommend that you don’t accept any proposals in case you have no experience with them.

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    First of all, we would like to welcome you to the DEXBot community! Whether you interact with other members of the community or not by using DEXBot you are contributing to increased liquidity on decentralised markets.

    The DEXBot project was born when a group of individuals from around the globe started discussing ways to increase liquidity on decentralised markets. The idea of free, open source trading software (market making software to be precise) was a popular one.

    DEXBot’s main focus is to increase liquidity and it does this by only offering tools/ strategies for adding orders to the books rather than removing them. It is a market maker, not a market taker.

    DEXBot can be used on any market on the BitShares blockchain.

    Installation Instructions

    To begin with download the latest version here:


    Make sure you download the correct file for your operating system, in this case the file will include “win64” in the name and will have a file extension of “.zip”.

    Once downloaded, extract the file to a folder of your choice and double click the “DEXBot-gui” application. DEXBot will now install and a screen will pop up prompting you for a “wallet password”.

    alt text

    This screen is not asking you for your blockchain wallet password. DEXBot creates a file (wallet) that secures your keys by encryption. You will later need to input your keys so that DEXBot can make changes to the blockchain, this is how those keys are secured. Choose a good password. You will next be greeted by the DEXBot dashboard where you will want to create a worker. Please read the “Worker Types” section before proceeding to the “Creating a Worker” section.

    alt text

    Worker Types

    There are currently two types of worker available both with a variety of settings which the user can customise to suit their needs. The two worker types are very different in how they work.

    Staggered Orders
    With SO workers numerous orders are placed across the order books and help to increase order book depth. The user will select a range that they want the orders placed within and increments that they want the orders spaced apart. They will also select a spread, this is the gap between your highest buy order and your lowest sell order. Once setup, if price moves up and fills your lowest sell order, DEXBot will automatically use the funds to replace the filled sell order with a lower buy order above your previously highest buy order whilst maintaining the desired spread. If the price dips and fills your newly placed buy order DEXBot will use the funds to replace with a new sell order.

    In this scenario your placed orders would look and change like the image below with buy orders in green, spread in white and sell orders red. You would have sold at $157, re-bought lower at $149 and be back where you started, ready to take advantage of the next price move.

    alt text

    Profits from each successful trade, like above, are spread across all orders, maintaining the originally intended mode type. DEXBot will replace all orders on the books with slightly larger ones, so the next time you make a profit you will make a little bit more.

    Some features of the SO workers are as follows:

    SO workers do not need to be left running all the time. If you leave an SO worker running it might be more profitable but it is not necessary. If you leave an SO worker running it will replace orders as they are filled allowing you to take advantage of all price moves. If you setup an SO worker and then close DEXBot the orders will remain on the book, any filled orders will be replaced the next time you restart the worker. You may however miss out on some action if price bounces back and forth between the same orders whilst DEXBot is offline and unable to replace them.

    SO workers can be started one sided. If the user starts with only one asset, DEXBot will place orders closer to the market price and wait until one fills. Profits will be used to add orders to the other side until the strategy is completely balanced (according to the configuration).

    SO workers have 5 different strategy modes, they are as follows:

    Mountain mode concentrates funds more to the centre of the range (around the spread) and less towards the outer limits. It makes more profit “right now” and compounds profits faster, but it’s less good if the price decides to drift significantly towards the boundaries of the range.

    alt text

    Valley mode is the opposite of Mountain mode and is for bootstrapping a market or for use on a highly-volatile one. It makes little profit if price stays where it started, but can withstand a massive change and loves volatility as larger orders are filled towards the boundaries of the selected range.

    alt text

    Buy Slope mode is where order size is fixed in the BASE asset over the whole range. Regardless of the price (of QUOTE asset), orders will be the same size and make a similar profit. This mode makes sense only if you start of with much more BASE than QUOTE. All profit will be made in QUOTE asset.

    Sell Slope mode is the exact opposite of Buy Slope mode. Order sizes are fixed in QUOTE asset. You can achieve the same by using Buy Slope but swapping BASE and QUOTE.

    Neutral mode is for any market, and it is a nice balance between Valley mode and Mountain mode. It will work well in stable times and also with extreme movements. If you don’t know what to choose, use this. It makes the least assumptions. It doesn’t rely on volatility nor on stability.

    Relative Orders
    This strategy places a buy order below the centre price and a sell order above the centre price at a user defined spread. Once an order is filled DEXBot will reset both orders and wait to carry out the process again. Users would use this strategy hoping to profit from the spread, attempting to frequently buy low and sell high.

    The strategy adds liquidity close to the current price, and so serves traders wanting to buy or sell right now with as little slippage as possible. Lowering the spread on a market tends to increase trade activity.

    This strategy requires DEXBot to be online constantly.

    There are a few different parameters for the RO strategy and various means of acquiring them. They are as follows:

    (distance between buy and sell orders to be placed)

    Fixed Spread. A user would input their desired spread and unselect “dynamic spread” option.

    Dynamic Spread makes your spread depend on the market’s spread — making it change every time new orders are created and has a couple of options available such as “market depth”. If the “market depth” option is set to “0” it will calculate spread from the closest buy and sell orders on the books other wise spread will be calculated from desired order book depth. “Dynamic spread factor” is how many percent of the market spread should our spread be, inputting less than 100% will give us a spread smaller than the current market spread.

    Centre Price (to be thought of as the reference price for placing own orders)

    Fixed Centre Price is pretty self-explanatory. You input a centre price and DEXBot will place orders at a given spread from this price, when an order is filled it will reset both orders at the same prices and will repeat this process until you end the worker.

    Dynamic Centre Price will measure the centre price from either the closest buy and sell orders or you can input a desired market depth. This can be very handy in illiquid markets where a stray dust order might cause DEXBot to place orders somewhere you might not consider to be the centre. There may also be situations where traders try and manipulate DEXBot into placing orders lower or higher than desired by placing a small order way above the previous highest buy for example. In these situations, it is very helpful to measure centre price from a certain depth in the order book.

    Centre Price Offset Based on Asset Balances shifts the calculated centre price up or down in order to assist in keeping the portfolio in balance — to not end up holding only the other asset, and to help maximize profits. When price goes up you will find that you get lots of sell orders filled and less buy orders filled causing an unequal holding of assets. In these situations you may find it helpful to offset the centre price in order to make it more likely that your buy orders are filled in an attempt to keep buy and sells equal as well as asset balances.

    Order Size (size of orders to be placed)

    Fixed Order Size is priced in “Quote Asset” for both buy and sell orders. “Relative order size” must be unchecked for this option to be available.

    Relative Order Size is based on how much of the asset you have. 10% means it will allocate 10% of the “Base Asset” you have and 10% of the “Quote Asset” you have. This helps to keep asset reserves balanced as when you accumulate more of one asset your order size will increase (on that side) and when filled it will help re-balance reserves.

    Reset Options (when you want DEXBot to reset the orders being placed)

    Reset Orders on Partial Fill. If left unchecked, orders will be reset only when one is completely filled. “Fill threshold” means what percent of the order must be filled to trigger order resets.

    Price Change will keep an eye on the market centre price and if it changes more than desired amount it will trigger an orders reset.

    Order Expiration is based in seconds and allows you to reset orders at desired intervals.

    Creating A Worker

    So now you have an idea of what tools are available to you, I’m fairly confident your keen to get started and start experimenting with your new toy! Whilst experimenting and familiarising yourself with the DEXBot software I highly recommend starting off with small amounts of funds.

    From the DEXBot dashboard select “Add Worker”, from there you will be greeted with the following screen:

    alt text

    Before you select your strategy and input required “Worker Parameters”, you will need to input your wallet address (account) and private active key. You can find your private active key on the DEX under the “permissions” section as seen below, make sure you are on the “active permissions” tab and not “owner” or “memo”. Click on your public key as shown below:


    After clicking on your public key, you will be greeted with the “Private key viewer” window, as shown below, where you can reveal your private key by clicking show. You will be prompted for your password if you are not already logged in. For this demonstration I have used the BitShares DEX but it should be the same process on other exchanges like XBTS, CryptoBridge or OpenLedger.


    After inputting your account and key you are ready to select the assets you want to trade and the strategy in which to do so and required parameters.

    Native BitShares assets, such as smart coins, are inputted in the following format:

    BTS, USD, CNY etc.

    Due to the large number of exchanges utilising the BitShares blockchain, they tend to prefix their assets so users are aware which asset has been credited by which exchange, for example:


    NOTE: You can type into the BASE asset dropdown box.

    You can also select which asset you desire the blockchain fees to be paid in. DEXBot will hold a small amount back for placing and cancelling orders, so there is no need to buy BTS in order to trade with DEXBot. Although it is worth pointing out that it is cheaper to pay fees in BTS and there is a chance an assets fee pool could run out, making it impossible to pay fees with a certain asset. If this happens, contact the asset issuer and ask them to top up the fee pool.

    I hope this guide helps, if you need further support please join us in our telegram room via the link below:


    Or to discuss market conditions and appropriate strategy/ settings, join us in our community room:


    Original read and rate here 👍 👋 https://medium.com/@CryptoKong123/market-making-dexbot-user-guide-ae7b5808b3b6


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    Choose the markets and assets you need


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    1. If you withdraw BTS to another exchange, you need to get an address for deposit on the exchange where you want to send BTS
    2. If you want to send BTS to another user on the BitShares blockchain, you can use "Send" and send BTS to his account name (account name is the user's address in the BitShares blockchain)
    3.If you want to withdraw cryptocurrency from the XBTS exchange (for example, BTC, TRD, DOGE, etc.) you need to use the withdrawal form in the XBTS exchange interface

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    Interview with the Techn0Log chief developer of the decentralized platform SmartHoldem New Blockchain New source code

    SmartHoldem Whitepaper http://smartholdem.io/download/smartholdemWhitepaper_en.pdf

    SmartHoldem Prototypes https://smartholdem.io/platform/

    SmartHoldem Wallet https://github.com/smartholdem/smartholdem-wallet/releases

    How to create a new SmartHoldem wallet INSTRUCTION

    ANN SmartHoldem Bitcointalk ENG https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2169457.0

    Twitter SmartHoldem twitter.com/smartholdem

    Instagram SmartHoldem https://www.instagram.com/smartholdem/

    Facebook SmartHoldem https://www.facebook.com/smartholdem/

    Github SmartHoldem https://github.com/smartholdem

    API SmartHoldem https://api.smartholdem.io/

    SmartHoldem-Node-A https://github.com/smartholdem/smartholdem-node-a

    Delegate Monitor SmartHoldem http://explorer.smartholdem.io/delegateMonitor

    SmartHoldem BlockExplorer http://blockexplorer.smartholdem.io/

    Paperwallet SmartHoldem https://paperwallet.smartholdem.io/

    Global Paperwallet from SmartHoldem Team https://github.com/technologiespro/paper-wallet-generator/releases

    DEX Games

    Buy & Trade SmartHoldem (STH) on XBTS DEX