Blockchain Bridge between Waves Dex and BitShares on XBTS DEX Exchange

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    The new decentralized technology of XBTS blockchain exchange opens the doors for Waves tokens which want to expand the geography in BitShares network.

    XBTS crypto currency exchange is a fast blockchain bridge between popular decentralized platforms Waves Dex and BitShares.

    XBTS technologies expand the abilities and potential of tokens issued on Waves and make
    BitShares platform more available for all users.

    Now, Waves tokens can be easily sent to BitShares platform and back 1:1 through gateway at any time.

    XBTS operates on BitShares blockchain and provides the access to convenient and fast instruments for storage, trade, management and issue of digital assets.

    XBTS Dex is a convenient and secure blockchain service which unites Waves Dex and BitShares.

    An example of compatibility of the two popular platforms is CoffeeCoin, a token created on Waves platform. CoffeeCoin was the first one to use powerful instruments of BitShares blockchain available for everyone at XBTS exchange.

    Welcome to BitShares!

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  • @europa - Thanks so much for your efforts to create a gateway / bridge for CoffeeCoin along with a listing on We have a separate thread to introduce and discuss CoffeeCoin here: